Ten Point Hoarding Quiz

1. Are any household exits blocked by storage?

2. Are any interior doors unable to open completely due to storage and clutter?

3. Are the bathtub, toilets, and sink in poor working order or unable to be used
due to storage?

4. Are the kitchen area sink, stove, and refrigerator not working or inaccessible
due to clutter or disrepair.

5. Are you not able to enter and use all rooms due to your accumulation of possessions?

6. Are you unable to sleep in your bed because there is little space left for you on it?

7. Are their any situations that could cause safety concerns such as dangerous
    electrical cord connections, storage of large quantities of newspapers, books,
    and miscellaneous paper, clothing, or purchases filling up your dwelling?

8. Are you accumulating a large number of pets? Are pet “accidents” causing unsanitary problems?

9. Are you unable to deal with ants, rats, mice, roaches adequately ?

10. Are there narrow paths leading through your house lined with storage or clutter ?

Answering Yes to many of these questions may mean you have a serious issue and should seek professional
assistance to make your household safe and secure and useable again.

Neziroglu - Could You Be Hoarder ? Quiz
Almost everyone has some pack-rat tendencies, according to Fugen Neziroglu, PhD, co-author of 
Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding
 and clinical director of the Bio-Behavioral Institute of Great Neck,
New "York. But not everyone is a compulsive hoarder.
Take this quiz, adapted from Neziroglu's book, to see if you're keeping too much.

Please note some of the resources available on this web site www.hoarders.org may help you.
Also see the book Buried in Treasures available through Amazon.com or Oxford University Press.

Hoarding/Clutter scale in Photos


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