Animal Hoarding
San Francisco Bay Area Internet Guide for Extreme Hoarding Behavior
Clutterers Syndrome or Pack Rat Syndrome
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Animal Hoarding: Structuring Interdisciplinary Responses to Help People, Animals, and
Communities at Risk
Patronek, G., Loar, L. & Nathanson, J.
The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium/HARC; Tufts University, MA; 2006
Manual (online)
While the majority of self-neglect cases do not involve animal hoarding, animal hoarding
cases often accompany cases of human self-neglect. This manual contains the findings from
a forum held in April, 2004, attended by representative stakeholders (human health and welfare,
municipal government, and animal welfare) regarding the process of effective intervention in
animal hoarding cases. . (Note: This publication is available online at


Animal Hoarding Crisis Intervention
The Tufts University Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium (HARC
) at 
Fee-for-Service Consultations Long distance telephone consultation services provided (or available) for
out-of-state clients or organizations. References are available upon request. For further information and
costs of service, contact Ms. Nathanson directly. Email: or Telephone: (617) 325-4828

A public health problem veterinarians can take a lead role in solving

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ADLDF)
From Hoarding Horror to Happy in Homes
Winning the Case Against Cruelty

The Animal Hoarding Project began as a way to reach out to friends, family and loved ones
who want to bring about positive change in an animal hoarders' life. Now, as part of the
Animal Planet documentary series, 
Confessions: Animal Hoarding,
we are reaching out to people across Canada and the US to give them
tools to help a loved one who is struggling with a compulsion to collect pets.