Peninsula Community Services, Inc.
Advocates for Peninsula residents struggling with hoarding disorder - Since 1978


Peninsula Community Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, historically has provided a variety of direct and supportive services for residents of San Mateo County since 1978. We became increasingly aware of, and interested in, compulsive hoarding issues while inspecting, repairing and cleaning out many thousands of homes and properties experiencing problems associated with rodents and/or other nuisance wildlife. Since that time, we have added to our original mission and strive to work with other community organizations to see that residents suffering from hoarding disorders are not stigmatized but have access to affordable services that support their full recovery.

The mission of Peninsula Community Services was to assist persons in overcoming problems relating to hoarding disorders and to make their homes and neighborhoods healthier and safer places in which to live and thrive.

Due to our inability to obtain sustaining funds during 2013, the Peninsula Community Services Board of Directors regretfully announces the discontinuance of the following programs previously provided in behalf of San Mateo county residents struggling with a compulsive hoarding disorder.

Professionally led and peer led hoarders’ support groups

Professionally led treatment and cognitive behavior therapy groups

Training and certification of professionals in the application of the harm reduction approach for persons struggling with compulsive hoarding disorders

Membership on the San Mateo County Hoarding Task Force

PCS believes that its experience in serving this client population over the past 35 years has amply demonstrated the need for these services and we sincerely hope that other organizations will emerge to fill the current service delivery gap.

In the meantime, PCS invites those interested in learning more about compulsive hoarding disorders to visit our informational website at

Alan Merrifield
President & Chief Executive Officer
Peninsula Community Services, Inc.
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