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This is a reply to a request for names for cleanup services which can be costly.
We do not list companies on line because I am reluctant to recommend anyone not knowing
someone and their work personally.
Generally this web site does not accept advertisements. You may google "help for hoarding:"
for your area.
When looking for someone to do the cleaning and hauling:
Start by asking people you trust for their recommendations.
Pick someone with reasonable fees. Get several bids.
If they are contractors, they will be licensed, insured and bonded which gives you some measure
of safety.
Check their record with Better Business Bureau and with the Contractor Licensing Board.
You should get a detailed contract. Some people may require some up front money for dump
fees, dumpster, etc. and final payment at the end.

Before anyone goes in to inspect or work:
Remember  you should accept primary responsibility for insuring the protection of your home.
Remove any and all really important valuable and fragile items.
(insurance, wills, funeral arrangements, money, stocks & bonds, cameras, guns, jewelry, china, etc.)
During the inspection or work being done:
Be sure you are there during the whole process.
If you cannot be there, have someone you trust to act as your proxy.
Control the keys especially nights and weekends.
Be generous in donations of your things to charity.
Reduce your anxiety by having supportive people with you.
Be ready to let go to accomplish your goal.
Good luck finding someone.

Alan Merrifield

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