Bay Area Resources
San Francisco Bay Area Internet Guide for Extreme Hoarding Behavior
Clutterers Syndrome or Pack Rat Syndrome
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The following are organizations in the Bay Area 
that have providers who treat compulsive hoarding:

National Suicide Prevention Life Line:  Phone 1-800-273-8255
California Suicide and Crisis Hotlines:  Phone 1-800- 784-2433

Crisis Center locators
Veterans Crisis Lines


For all U.S. States, Canada and International   

Many connections for teens, college, hearing and speech impaired, veterans

- found under Canada Suicide & Crisis


Choosing a mental health professional in California

Individual Treatment for Hoarding

What is CBT- Cognitive Behavior Therapy

How to search for a therapist

San Francisco Bay Center for Cognitive Therapy

Main number: (510) 652-4455
Michael Tompkins, Ph.D., is the therapist here with the most experience in helping
compulsive hoarders. Note that they do not accept insurance.

Stanford University Department of Psychiatry OCD Clinic

To get a referral, call outpatient intake: (650) 498-9111
Stanford OCD Clinic provides expert consultation on state of the art medication and psychotherapy

They also specialize in helping patients previously resistant to treatment and patients with complex and
related problems.
Dr. Lorrin Koran was the director of this clinic, and has done extensive research and
clinical work on OCD and hoarding.

The Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation Therapist Referral Site:

When you get to the site, scroll down to
find a Doctor.

San Mateo County
Crisis Intervention Hot line
For troubled people or families experiencing stress
and seeking help in dealing with a crisis.
Belmont thru Palo Alto (650) 368-6655
San Mateo thru Daly City (650) 692-6655
Coastside (650) 726-6655

San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services
Investigates and develops a plan where individuals are at risk.
 (800) 675-8437  

San Francisco
County Mental Health Access Line 
Provides mental health evaluations and diagnoses needed to prove disability.
Call for initial screening and to set up an appointment for an evaluation and treatment.
888) 246-333 or (415) 255-3737

Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHA-SF)

Sponsors hoarding and cluttering support groups.
Provides information and referrals including information 
on cluttering issues as well as referrals to independent clutter organizers.

(415) 421-2926
870 Market St.#928
San Francisco

UCSF Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Clinic

To make an appointment in the OCD Clinic call 415-476 7500
Carol A. Mathews, MD and Tracy Foose, MD are the co-directors of the Anxiety disorders Clinic;

Dr. Mathews also directs the OCD clinic.
The UCSF Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Clinic is a multidisciplinary specialty clinic which

provides evaluation and treatment for adults and children with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD),
 …including compulsive hoarding,…
The OCD clinic also provides consultation, second opinions, and treatment recommendations for

mental health providers in the community.
There are a number of active research programs connected to the OCD clinic, including

neurocognitive  studies of compulsive hoarding, and phenomenological studies (for example,
studies on the link between OCD and other neuropsychiatric disorders such as ADHD).

A few South Bay Area specialists are listed here:
Scott Granet, LCSW, Director                                     
The OCD-BDD Clinic of Northern California                    
501 Seaport Court, Suite 102                                                    
Redwood City,  650-  599-3325  sliding scale
Stanford University                                                                
 Department of Psychiatry OCD Clinic
To get a referral, call outpatient intake:                 
Gronowski Psychology Clinic                               
51050 El Camino Real                                                                                           
Los Altos 650 - 961-9300 sliding scale
Joanne C. Chan, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
1100 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, 94114
5150 El Camino Real,
Suite 22, Bldg C, Los Altos,

Dana Girard, Psy.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist -No. PSY 25448 
4153 El Camino Way, Suite A

Palo Alto, CA 94306