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Daily Life.com, Australia, January 18, 2015

by Erin O'Dwyer

"Growing up, my mother was a chronic hoarder"

"Still, Meredith remembers her childhood with great generosity. She describes herself as a sensitive, empathetic girl who felt sad for her mother but not ashamed of her.

"Mum had a horrific life and she kept her mind functioning. I didn't like living there but I knew it wouldn't be forever.

When I grew up I knew I could create my own house."..

"It's important to stress that people with a hoarding disorder are not lazy or stupid," Mogan says.

 "It's also not just people who are struggling - wealthy people hoard, professional people hoard, lawyers hoard, university academics hoard.

I see people from all walks of life" says Psychologist Dr Chris Mogan.



Deakin University of Australia, January 15, 2015
New Study looking to detect and treat hoarding disorder in children
"Deakin University psychology researchers are looking to better understand how this disorder develops in childhood, and its
connection with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in the hope of identifying markers to identify and treat the disorder early. 
The researchers are calling on parents with children aged 8—17 years to help with this nation-wide study."
Parents who are interested in this study can contact Fiona Lynch at flynch@deakin.edu.au or 0466 826 185 for more information.

The Guardian, November 28, 2014
Analisa Barbieri
My dad has chronic depression and has begun to hoard junk.

November/25, 2014, Community Advocate, Marlborough, MA

Local taskforce helps hoarders clear a path to a new life.

".......... said Kerry Higgins, a social worker with a background in mental health, and the driving force behind the formation
of the Marlborough/Hudson Hoarding Task Force, known as ClearPath. The all-volunteer group, which operates under the
umbrella of the nonprofit Marlborough Community Development Corporation, had its first official meeting in February 2014
and, since then, has thrown itself wholeheartedly into addressing the problem of hoarding.
"Higgins explained their four-pronged approach"
through community education, peer support groups, coaching, and Task Force meetings with local agencies and officials."




Woodstock Sentinel Review, Ontario, Canada, August 19, 2014

By Heather Rivers

Coalition designed to work together to help hoarders regain control over their lives

"The coalition is to provide for individuals to get help for themselves, so they can empower themselves
to deal with the situation." explained Jeff Slager, education office with the Woodstock Fire Department.
"It's not about a cure, its about that they know that they have somewhere to turn __ its about providing
tools"..."Social worker Elaine Birchall is a hoarding specialist and trainer who is currently co-writing a
book on Hoarding entitled Clearing the Path. . is also currently developing Ontario-wide hoarding support

initiative tentatively titled "Ontario Roundtable on Hoarding"..


Windsor Star, Ontario, Canada, August 13, 2014

By Brian Cross

Hoarders in our midst: more cases being reported

"Windsor Fire is the lead in the coalition because it operates 24/7 and has the power of Ontario’s Fire
Prevention Act to investigate homes that pose a fire hazard. When it receives a report (from the city’s
311 service, for example), its staff does the initial investigation and then brings other agencies in
depending on what’s involved. Children’s Aid would be called it there are children in the house, the
city’s bylaw officials work on any building infractions or refuse buildup in yards, and the humane society
for cases of animal hoarding.  So it goes beyond just taking care of fire hazards, said Lee, and often involves
a very long process. "You can’t just haul the junk out and think the problem’s solved. “It’s proven that if we
order a cleanup, that the adverse happens,” he said. “That people will exhibit the hoarding behaviour worse
than ever if you take their stuff...She said TV shows about hoarding don’t fully explain all the counseling a
person must go through before that dramatic moment when all their stuff can be taken out of the house. It
can take weeks, months, even years, she said."


TV10, Franklin County, Ohio, August 10. 2015

By Jessa Goddard

Franklin County Launches Pilot Program to Help Hoarders

"Unlike drug addiction, the judge couldn't order a treatment program, because none existed. So, he created his own.
The program expects to serve 10 people between now and the end year in the Franklinton area, primarily due to its
close proximity to the court and the treatment center.  The court will not only assist with money to clean up properties,
it will help treat the disease that now affects as estimated two to six percent of the general population.(Funding by
Alcohol/Drug,/Mental Health Board)"


London Free Press, Ontario, Canada, August 5, 2014

By Jennifer O'Brien

Hoarders Support Program Swamped in London

"It was meant to help those overwhelmed by their own possessions. But a program set up to deal with
what’s been called a “critical” hoarding situation in London is already swamped. Unable to attract enough
volunteers — only two have signed up — the Volunteer Hoarding Support Program already has 12 people
on its waiting list for help."

Please note readers valuable comments to this article.



Saultstar.com, Canada, August 2, 2014

By Jenny Yuen

Dirty Secret: Toronto hoarder comes clean

"She watched TV shows such as Hoarders – which has brought the mental health issue to the mainstream – and
began to recognize she shared the same tendencies with people profiled on the show..."Self awareness", she
said, "is the key to change."  In January, she was referred by her family doctor to the Centre for Addiction and
Mental Health's extreme behaviour counseling program. From there, she was introduced to a 12 week hoarding
support pilot project at VHA Home Health care, run by volunteers with backgrounds in social services.......
The coalition – comprised of 40 members, mainly agencies – aims to better co-ordinate city services to address
hoarding behaviour. In October, it will receive $135,000 from the city for hoarding support strategies.  City council,
for its part, approved SPIDER (Specialized Program for Interdivisional Enhanced Responsiveness) in December as
a way to make sure all necessary departments, such as Toronto Fire Services, Municipal Licensing and Standards,
Toronto Animal Services and Toronto Public Health, are liaising with one another in extreme hoarding cases."


London Free Press,Ontario, Canada, July 14, 2014

By Jennifer O'Brien

 London fire inspector James Hind is trying to do something about hoarding

"...Aside from inspecting fires, he’s opened 312 hoarding cases in London since 2009 and has been working to
educate other London agencies-from police to child welfare and home-care organizations to landlord
associations-on the complexities of what may at first glance seems to be a big mess"


Chicago Tribune.com, July 9, 2014

By Stephanie Watson, Harvard Health Blog

When you can't let go: Treatment can break the grip of hoarding disorder

"Exactly when a "pack rat" crosses the line into true hoarding has to do with "the intensity with which they're saving, and
the difficulty getting rid of things," says Dr. Jessica Rasmussen, an instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School and
Assistant in Psychology at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital."


San Jose Mercury News, June 24, 2014
Rent Watch: What can I do about 'hoarder' tenant?
 Your first step should be to document the conditions, put the tenant on notice, and give them
an opportunity to cure the breach of any applicable lease conditions and code violations. Be
forewarned, however, that your tenant may not be able to resolve this situation without a good
deal of assistance, ranging from the need for professional counseling to cleaning and moving services.


Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Letter, May 22, 2014

By Stephanie Watson, Exec. Editor, Harvard Women's Health Watch 
When you can't let go: What to do about hoarding


New Haven register, June 21, 2014

By Pam Mc Laughlin

Cheshire Woman's Death emphasizes the dangers of hoarding

"...described by police as an apparent hoarder died of accidental and traumatic asphyxia after a floor piled high with
clutter collapsed into her basement..." See Dr. Tolins remarks on hoarding.


Express and Echo, UK, May 14, 2014

By Exeter Express and Echo

Events to be held in Exeter to warn hoarders of fire risk

"...The first ever UK Hoarding Awareness Week will be held from 19-25 May and is being run in conjunction with The
Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) and the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO)......Free
home fire risk assessments and alarm fittings are being offered, as well as a unique opportunity to speak confidentially
with Jasmine Sleigh, a local APDO registered organiser who has worked with those with hoarding tendencies."

By Samantha Olson | May 11, 2014

Signs Of Teen Hoarding May Be More Difficult To Spot; Here's What To Look For

Symptoms of hoarding may come in different forms and be harder to detect in teenagers than they do in adults, according to
research presented at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting this week in New York. 


Portland Press Herald, Maine, April 28, 2014

By Randy Billings

Portland, York County and others are using task forces and sensitive interventions in a state with a large elderly population

"...Grainger said hoarders prefer support groups over more clinical forms of therapy. “People are free to be themselves –
without judgment – with people who really get what they are going through on a regular basis,” Grainger said. 
About 35 hoarders in Greater Portland are currently receiving in-home visits from volunteers who try to help them organize
and clean up their homes.  The Biddeford widow looks forward to the weekly visits with her volunteer...."


HoustonChronicle.com, April 25, 2014

Szymanski, Frost, Steketee: New Houston ordinance criminalizes hoarders

Law won’t help treat underlying issues of those with disorder

"The naming of this new law as the Anti-Hoarding Ordinance, regardless of the caveats and intentions, has
effectively criminalized a mental illness. It is not only stigmatizing, but also potentially subjects people with
hoarding disorder to harassment...."


KHOU.com, Houston, Texas, April 16, 2014

By Sherri Williams

Houston City Council passes anti-hoarding ordinance for apartments, townhomes, condos

"Under the new city law, neighbors would call police and officers would make a welfare check. The
hoarder could then be fined $500 a day if they do not cooperate with efforts to clean up their home
and get some help for themselves.
"By having the ordinance, it allows us a right of entry. It allows
us the opportunity for an intervention,"  said Mayor Parker."


Tablet Magazine.com, April 12, 2014

By Paula Jacobs

Hoarders, Passover Edition: Cleaning Out Chametz, and Letting Our Clutter Go 

"..Every year, we sweep away crumbs from our cabinets.

But we’re often afraid to sweep away stuff we’d be better off without...

Getting started is easier said than done. The first step is to prioritize what holds lasting importance and
reflects personal values. If we remember that Judaism was born out of a reaction to idolatry and
worshiping objects, it becomes much easier to donate that stuff or sell it on eBay.

 In addition to cleaning our homes, we’ll also cleanse our souls.

KY3.com, MO, April 9, 2014

Linda Russell, and Barbara Yancy

Firefighters Offer Help to Chronic Hoarders

"....We think it's going be easy to access a door, and it's very hard and difficult, because it's piled full of stuff,
" said Clark. Now, the Springfield Fire Department is partnering with several agencies to address hoarding
problems. "I think the biggest thing is just educating people that these issues, whether it's hoarding or
severe squalor, it's having an impact not only on the people who live there, but also the people who go
there," Erwin said.

 They'll help connect folks with help, like mental health services or cleanup on a voluntary basis.
"It's being that helpful neighbor, and that's what we want to do as the fire department: be that help
to an individual that has that kind of problem," said Clark.
Agencies involved hope to ultimately create
healthier, safer homes. The Community Partnership of the Ozarks has formed a collaborative of
organizations to address hoarding.


Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh.com, March 30, 2014

By Molly Born

Hoarders cause piles of trouble at fires

Clutter in some homes adds to the danger

" ......A 2009 analysis by students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts

found that for one city in Australia, where the behavior is also a problem,

hoarding accounted for only a quarter-percent of all residential fires in 10 years --

but 24 percent of fire fatalities during the same period.

The study also found that hoarding fires required a much greater allocation

of resources than average residential blazes

Piles of possessions can simultaneously fuel a blaze and inhibit -- or even hurt –

the firefighters trying to put it out. A firefighter was injured Tuesday in Homestead

when he received an electrical shock while extending a hose to the second floor.
If the stairwell had been accessible, Deputy Chief Kapluson

said, the firefighter wouldn't have been forced to put himself at an even greater risk......"                                   


SFGate.com,San Francisco, March 28, 2014                                                                                               
Dallas man found dead in home filled with clutter

Dallas AP; "At one point during the search, emergency workers who had looked through multiple
piles of clutter without finding the man cut holes in the roof to gain access through the attic. The debris
reached to the ceiling in some areas.The carcasses of two dogs and a raccoon found amid the squalor
distracted cadaver dogs used in the search. Also found were gallon milk jugs filled with urine as the
bathroom was inaccessible because of the clutter."


NY Daily News, March 28, 2014

By Irving DeJohn

Extreme hoarder in Texas found dead in home underneath garbage

Unidentified elderly man was found dead after going missing more than two weeks ago.
His home was so filled to the brim with debris, including jars of urine and feces, that
hazmat crews had to enter through the roof


WGCU News, Southern Florida, March 27,/2014

By Topher Forheez, NPR

Hoarding Task Force Receiving More Tips From Public

"Multiple hoarding cases involving animals were in the headlines this month in Lee County.....  
What we really believe is that it’s just being reported more. But, clearly these cases have been
going on for quite a while so they’re not new.”


Metro News, Edmonton, Canada, March 26, 2014

By Leah Germain

Hoarders join expert pack at three-day conference in Edmonton
“The solution doesn’t have to be just cleaning it out,” said Edsell-Vetter. “Through community partnership,
we don’t have to remove everything and traumatize the individuals we are working with. There is a range
of different options.”Dr. Christiana Bratiotis, a subject expert, said conferences like the one held Wednesday
is to not only about dispelling myths, but a way to encourage a stronger community for the groups who
interact with hoarding disorder, including animal control and mental health workers.“If all those groups are
coming together, the person with the hoarding problem have a much better chance at recovery,” Bratiotis said."


ABC.net, Australia, March 25, 2014
By By Gina McKeon and Lucy McNally 

Bondi hoarders' home to be cleared as Waverley Council wins Supreme Court ruling
"...This will be the fifth time Waverley Council has cleared out the home. The council says it
has spent about $300,000 in legal and cleaning costs pursuing the matter since 2005."


The Marshfield Times, Oregon, March/20, 2014
Often a result of traumatic experiences, compulsive hoarding impacts more than just housing situations
"Compulsive hoarding is seen as a disorder by some, but like any other condition, it can be cured.
In the beginning, it starts with educating the public of the disorder and its common misconceptions.
Describing the truth behind the condition will better allow people to understand why hoarding takes
place....According to Caldwell, patience and family support is one of the most important features in
helping someone overcome hoarding."                                                    

SFGate.com,San Francisco January17, 2014

By Marisa Legos

Effort eases S.F.'s plight in the battle against blight

There "seems to be inaction in addressing pretty derelict properties," Wiener said. Another situation in
his district involving what he described as an "extreme hoarder" took months and a meeting with multiple
departments for the city to address. "To me, that situation was a flash point - I need to know more about why ...
there is an apparent lack of coordination, and for whatever reason a hesitance to move forward with full-blown
enforcement," Wiener said. "At issue is the fact that there's no centralized way to resolve these situations, but
also the culture of San Francisco where people seem to be scared to enforce laws other than parking tickets
After years of cutbacks, he said, DBI recently doubled its code enforcement staff from three to six and its
weekly hearings on code violations from one to two.”


The Windsor Star, Michigan, January 9, 2014

By Dave Waddell

New multi-agency program unveiled to aid hoarders.

"Windsor Fire Chief Bruce Montone addresses questions from the media after he announced the creation
of a coalition of community leaders to deal with the hoarding issue in Windsor. The program will see all
cases discovered by the various agencies funneled through the city’s 211 system and documented by a
standardized form. Fire officials will investigate the home and then direct the case to the appropriate agency"


CBS5 Glendale, AZ, December 09, 2013

By Steve Stout

Fire badly damages hoarder's house in Glendale

"He said a "hoarder's fire" poses extreme dangers to first-responders, the home's residents and firefighters
....items, such as magazines and newspapers, often very flammable, but are often stacked and can fall onto
and trap people...."said Michael Young of the Glendale Fire Department."

http://www.wfsb.com/story/24171569/fire-badly-damages-hoarders-house-in-glendaleenvironmental Economics

The Cromulent Economics Blog

Environmental Economics- December 09, 2013

The Cromulent Economics Blog- From Sunday's nudge article in the New York Times

Nudging the hoarders

"....people resisted insulation because it meant cleaning up accumulated piles of junk in their attics.....

When the nudge unit offered loft-clearing services with the help of B&Q, a home-improvement store,
the share of households that agreed to insulate jumped....When you helped people clear their loft —
even though they had to pay for the service — there was a 4.8-fold increase in uptake.”


Your local Guardian.co.uk, December 3, 2013
By Alexandra Rucki
'Extreme hoarders' found dead in each other's arms in Tooting, inquest hears
".....The flat was full of tea lights and candles the elderly couple used to light their home after
a blown fuse knocked out their electricity....Firefighters had to break the front door down and
were confronted by "piles and piles" of clothes, books, papers, boxes and other combustible materials...."

Boston.com, Watertown, MA, October 29, 2013

By Jaclyn Reiss,

Watertown to host forums on hoarding next month

 "The meetings will be held Nov. 7 and Nov. 14, both from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Watertown Library on Main Street.
The first meeting will address the behavioral issues underlying hoarding; the second will discuss ways to support a
hoarder, both emotionally and with ways to clean up."



KOMO News.com, Battle Ground, Wash, October 29, 2013

Clutter hampers rescue, woman dies in mobile home fire

"Fire crews said piles of clutter made it difficult for them to get to a woman who died late Monday night when her
mobile home caught on fire in Battle Ground.  .......“I think we see this in communities all over the nation,” said
battalion chief Tim Dawdy. “It's just part of the psychology, being an American. It happens in all social strata, it
happens in all communities and we see it all too often.”

News10ABC, Sacramento, CA, October 18, 2013

By Siemny Chhuon

Firefighters put out back to back fires at homes of hoarders




SpendMatters.com Blog, October 18, 2013

By William Busch

A Cost / Benefit Analysis of Hoarding Stuff


Minneapolis Star Tribune, September 29, 2013

By Mary Jane Smetanka

Too much stuff: Minnesota cities confront hoarding


Scientific American, September 5, 2013 

By Scott Lilienfeld and Hal Arkovitz

Hoarding Can be a Deadly Business

.........."According to a 2010 review by psychologist David Mataix-Cols of King's College London, however,

80 percent or more of people who engage in extreme hoarding do not meet criteria for OCD.

For example, many do not experience the obsessions—recurrent or intrusive thoughts, images or impulses

—that are widespread in OCD. Moreover, hoarders tend to be poorer, older,

and more prone to mood and anxiety disorders than those with OCD;

they are also less likely than OCD sufferers to be aware that they are disordered.".............


Summary of some recent articles on Hoarding by

The New York Times


Guardian Express, Nevada, July 2, 2013

By Rebecca Savastio

Human Skeleton Found Behind Fake Wall In Poughkeepsie Hoarder’s Home


The New York Times - Health, May 27, 2013

Task Forces Offer Hoarders a Way to Dig Out

By Jan Hoffmann

".....Each task force is a loose amalgam of agencies and, depending on
what resources they can muster, their goals may range from educating
one another and the public to collaborating on cases. But some uniform
procedures, and problems, are emerging. ..".."Many task forces around
the country use a standard checklist to rank homes. Those rated at levels
1 through 3 may need intervention but may not have descended into squalor.


New York Times.com, May 26, 2013

By Jan Hoffman

Task Forces offer hoarders a way to dig out

"The task forces on hoarding are finding their mandates daunting. With each case, officials must
weigh when their authority to intervene trumps an individual’s right to privacy."


New York Times, May 26, 2013
A Team to Tackle Hoarding
“The Orange County Task Force on Hoarding, in California is one of many groups that have been

formed around the country to help deal with the multidimensional aspects of hoarding behavior.”


The Independent, UK, May 19, 2013

by Jonathan Brown

Obsessive compulsive hoarding: A serious health risk in store

Updates on Richard Wallace -

"...Since his first appearance on TV, Mr. Wallace has been receiving
help from a psychologist and from Andy Honey, his friend who lives
next door with his wife and two children. With Mr. Honey's help, more
than 100 tonnes of jumble has been removed from the house and garden,
while therapy has helped him turn a crucial corner....."


The Lookout, Blog,Yahoo News May17, 2013

By Mike Krumboltz

Hoarding Disorder gets spotlight in DSM-5- ( Insurance Ramifications)

"Everyone's insurance differs, of course, but hoarding's reclassification could mean those with mental
health insurance who seek treatment may be better reimbursed.""If the therapist did not ask the right
questions and you don't end up with the diagnosis, then your insurance doesn't pay for it. And now,
if you are diagnosed with hoarding disorder, your insurance will cover it if your insurance does cover
mental health treatment," said Dr. Szymanski. “With more detailed questions you can follow up [on],
people are more likely to get more accurate diagnosis and treatment. Not only will insurance cover,
but you're also more likely to get insurance for treatment that helps.”

The Acorn.com/news, Oak Park, CA, May 2, 2013

Don't mess around with clutter

by Adrienne Wigdortz

 “Clients call me when they are feeling overwhelmed and are ready to deal with the mess,”

says Oak Park resident Laura Johnson, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Keeping clutter at bay is a common problem for many homeowners and renters.

 But, according to Johnson, “It’s not always easy to ask for assistance.

People think they should be able to do it themselves.” ........."The secret, she said: “Find a system that works for you.”


The Conversation, Australia, March 15, 2013
By Nancy Youssef and Sunanda Creagh
Study shows compulsive hoarders struggle to categorise
.... "The findings, published in the journal Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy,
suggest that forcing hoarders to clear their homes of junk does little to solve the problem
because it doesn’t address the dysfunction causing the hoarding in the first place."....
Full article here:

Las Vegas Review-Journal, October 13, 2012

By Jane Ann Morrison

Hoarder has lunch with workers cleaning out his house

"   a hoarder living in a Sun City Summerlin duplex, for the first time Sunday joined the workers cleaning
out his house for lunch  and had such a civil conversation that without looking at him, it would seem like
talking to anyone. ..."We estimated 15 truckloads, we've taken out 18 and we are about one-third through
the house," ...Knight has decided that in future cases like this, instead of repetitive code citations, the city
will adopt a multijurisdictional approach and send in code enforcement, animal control, social workers,
mental health officials, other health officials, fire officials and police."


KNPR, 88.9, Nevada, October 12, 2012

Helping the Hoarders- Listen to radio broadcast

Discussion of recent Las Vegas case. What causes the issue of hoarding? How do we help people
who are hoarders? 

GUESTS: Christiana Bratiotis, Assistant Professor Grace Abbott School of Social Work, University
of Nebraska Omaha Stavros Anthony, Mayor Pro Tem, Las Vegas City


Greenwichtime.com, Connecticut, October 10, 2012

By David Hennessey

Experts share insights into Old Greenwich hoarding house

The cluttered Old Greenwich home scorched by arson last week showed telltale signs of a

longtime hoarding problem and reveals insight into the lives of the two people who lived there,

including one who killed himself, according to experts.


Huffington Post.com,October 4, 2012

Hoarding: Tragedy Underscores the Dangers of Elderly Hoarding

"A tragic fire earlier this week in Greenwich, Conn. that killed a 42-year-old-man and left
his 69-year-old mother in critical condition in a burn unit may have been set as the result
of a hoarding situation. Dean Verboven and his mother Barbara Verboven had been contacted
by the town's social services in September after neighbors told them....".


The Vancouver Sun, September 26, 2012

By Kelly Sinoski

Hoarders' create hazards for first responders

 Rodents, safety issues cited in Ashcroft mayor's bid to establish regulations


Global Edmonton.com, September 26, 2012

By Trish Kozicka

Inside a hoarders home; what you may not know : Videos

 Loads of garbage, empty bottles, containers filled with old food, and millions of mouse
droppings - that's how one 73 year-old Edmonton woman has been living for years, until
recently. It's also the reality of many other hoarders, of whom there may be more than you think.


Eden Prairie News, Minnesota, September 25, 2012

New Task Force Hosting Event on Hoarding
The newly formed Minnesota Hoarding Task Force is offering an opportunity to better
understand hoarding and how it impacts our communities with a free viewing of “My Mothers Garden,”
a documentary by Cynthia Lester on Sept. 28 at the Hopkins Fire Department, 101 17th Avenue South,
in Hopkins. Appetizers will be served at 6:30 p.m. The film viewing is from 7-8 p.m. followed by a
question and answer panel from 8-8:30 p.m."


MercuryNews.com, San Jose, CA, September 20, 2012

By Alia Wilson

Task Force to tackle hoarding in Sunnyvale

"...The Sunnyvale Municipal Code already allows NP staff to address interior structural violations and
substandard housing conditions, but not internal problems associated with hoarding. The ad hoc team
will be made up of representatives from social service agencies, the city's building and housing
departments, the office of the city attorney, neighborhood preservation and other select units within
the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety...."


More detail of study report


Teen Ink.com

By Anonymous, Somewhere, Mo

Diary of a Hoarder's Kid

"I am a hoarder's kid.
The roaches and mice were childhood companions, and filth wore the pants in the family.
Growing up, I always wondered why no one came to save my brothers and me. Were we not
worth rescuing, or did no one know? How could they not know? There were more than enough
clues – like the flea bites on my arms and the dirt in my hair – but no one ever asked me if I was
all right. No one ever asked me..........."


ABC News, September 10, 2012

By Anthony Castellano

Texas home used  in 'Hoarding TV Show  Quarantined After Positive Hantavirus Test

A woman cleaning out a Texas home for a future episode of TLC's "Hoarding: Buried Alive"
developed a respiratory disease that county officials believe has been caused by hantavirus.


TheVancouverCourier, September 5, 2012
By Cheryl Rossi, Staff
Collaboration in Vancouver                                                                                                                       

"City hall mobilizes inspectors in war against hoarders Cleanup costs can reach $15,000"

"The city's hoarding task force started in late 2010 and evolved in May into a "hoarding action
response team" composed of a property use inspector, fire inspector, and two mental health
workers supplied by Vancouver Coastal Health as part of an 18month trial. The city has pulled i
nspectors from other areas to concentrate on hoarding cases, so the team isn't costing the city extra money"........
"The response team is participating in a study at the University of B.C................... "    

Herald-mail.com,PA, September 5, 2012

By Jennifer Fitch 

Help is out there for hoarders

"About 15 elder care and mental health professionals from Franklin County, Pa., recently
attended training about hoarding.“We do go into homes where this is a problem,” said
Michelle Briggs, a Franklin County Area Agency on Aging care manager."Tips for working
with a potential hoarder from organizer Colleen McDonnell

WinkNewsNow.com, Lee County Florida, August 30, 2012

Lee Co leads the way in attacking hoarding problem

".......Finally she got help from anti-depressant medication and from mental health professionals.
"I feel great now. My house was gutted and re-modeled, and I have routines now. I get up, make
my bed, and after work I make dinner, do the dishes, and throw out the trash," she said.                 
The task force on hoarding estimates that at least 12,000 people in Lee County are hoarders.


WickedLocal, Dennis, Cape Cod, Mass., August 24, 2012

PHOTO GALLERY: Helping hoarders on Cape Cod

While the town where the hoarder resides is responsible for addressing the issue, the task force
offers guidance and resources. For direct assistance, call the health department in the hoarder’s town.

Dennis Town Administrator Rick White said that while towns are not legally responsible for helping
hoarders, he feels an ethical obligation to do so. “We work with state agencies to support our citizens
during a time when having them remain isolated will exacerbate their problems,” White said. “Being
proactive is efficient, effective and helps avoid more serious problems and costs.” 
Read more: http://www.wickedlocal.com/dennis/topstories/x912154533/PHOTO-GALLERY-Helping-

nih.gov, NIH Research Matters, August 12, 2012

Distinct Brain Activity in Hoarders

"Certain brain regions under-activate in people with hoarding disorder when dealing with others'
possessions but over-activate when deciding whether to keep or discard their own things. The new
findings give insight into the biology of hoarding and may guide future treatment strategies. The
researchers analyzed brain images of 43 hoarders, 31 people with OCD and 33 healthy controls. ....
Participants were given 6 seconds to make a decision about whether to keep or discard junk mail
that either belonged to them or to someone else."


Hoarders: A Different Kind of Brain

"Psychotherapy can work, as well as cognitive behavior therapy and medications. Working alongside
an experienced home organizer who specializes in hoarding and OCD is also helpful.......Working
slowly with a hoarder, a therapist can help them to accept their condition and work with them to get
their homes, yards (that are often also filled with rubbish), storage units and garages in order. A good
therapist can help them to learn to live in a new way, throwing away things they don't need, understanding
garbage is just that, and that their quality of life will continue to increase if they live in a more orderly and
comfortable way."


ABC 7 News, San Francisco, August 17/2012

by Amy Hollyfield

Two dead after house fire in SF's Excelsior District 
Two elderly men have died in an early morning house fire in San Francisco's Excelsior District......
The men were hoarders and firefighters had a difficult time getting to them. The San Francisco fire
chief said it took crews about 20 minutes to reach the victims and there were some piles of

elongings that were eight feet high.  "We are obviously looking to rescue as well suppress the fire.
To do that in a situation where you can barely get through, let alone advance a hose line is very
challenging," said San Francisco Fire Dept.Chief Joanne Hayes-White.


Surrey Today, UK, August 14, 2012

Westcott hoarder Richard Wallace inspires local Gardner 

"Mr. Wallace spent more than three decades filling his house in Furlong Road with
mountains of rubbish, and the pair starred in two documentarie about the 62-year-old's
struggle to deal with his affliction. "After the TV shows I was overwhelmed by people
stopping me in the street and saying I was doing a good job," Mr. Honey told the
Advertiser this week."I had people who had problems with hoarding contacting me,
some of them going through litigation with councils, and I felt really bad that I couldn't
help them. They want to be able to sort themselves out but they don't know how.
" Mr. Honey, 40, hopes to set up a local "self-help" group for hoarders assisted by clinical
psychologist Sophie Holmes, who is helping Mr. Wallace change his behaviour...........To
find out more about the plans for a hoarders' self-help group in Mole Valley, call Andy
Honey on 01306 640888."


August 13, 2012

By Christie Nicholson

Hoarders Have Their Own Category of Disorder

"A recent study finds evidence for why hoarders might be considered separate from
those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. ....Ownership did not affect the
brain activity or choices of those with OCD. But the hoarders were different. Their
decision-making brain circuit was quiet when contemplating others’ mail, but became
overactive for decisions about their own mail. Not surprisingly, hoarders kept significantly
more of their own mail than the OCD group did. The study is in the Archives of General Psychiatry."


ANN ARBOR.COM, Michigan. August 12, 2012

By Tom Perkins

Blight Beat: Ypsilant Township seeks court help in cleanup of 2 hoarder houses with feces issues

"Officials said a 10-year old was living in one home, which hadn’t had running water in over a
year and has no operating refrigerator. "


philly.com; Pennsylvania, August 10, 2012

By Bonnie Cook

Hoarders die in Chester County blaze, 17 birds saved

"West Goshen Township Police Lt. Gregory Stone said the couple died from burns and smoke
inhalation. The fire was electrical in origin and accidental, he said.....The hoarding did not
cause the blaze, but made it difficult for firemen to gain entry and move around in the burning
building, Stone said."The hoarding contributed more fuel to burn," ...The couple had been told
by the township fire marshal several times to clear out the mess and clutter, he said.


DailyMail.co.uk, Mail Online, July 7, 2012
By Suzannah Hills
Hoarder terrified police and Housing officials....
A hoarder is in custody today after allegedly shooting an inspector in the
head during a six-hour stand-off because he feared they would take away
his belongings. Anthony Glen Gorospe, 51, had littered his front garden with
rubbish that threatened to spill out into the street. But when officials arrived
with police to inspect the house in Long Beach, California, at 8am yesterday,
Gorospe barricaded himself inside his home.
See also ABClocal.go.com for video and more of the story


The Daily Journal, San Mateo County, CA, May 12, 2012

By Sally Schilling

Workshop Provides Help for Hoarders

""We want to be unequivocal advocates for these people,” he said.   ..This will be the first
program that focuses primarily  on eliminating the health and safety hazards caused by hoarding,
said Merrifield.   He hopes to bring assistance to the hoarders who are not actively seeking  help. 
“There has never been a program in this county for this group of people,” he said. “We think it’s
long overdue.”"

provides help for hoarders&eddate=05/17/2012

The DailyBeast.com, May 9, 2012
By Casey Schwartz

Hoarding Made a Hit TV Show. Now It's Becoming a Sickness in the DSM 
"The newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)—          
the handbook of American psychiatry—is due out next year, and hoarding is likely to be among
the newest additions. ...... "  "Frost, who has been studying hoarding since the early 1990s, believes
hoarding exists on a continuum that we all find ourselves on.  In hoarders, he says, “the emotional
attachments to objects are much more powerful than the attachments most of us have with our
possessions ... Possessions have a magical quality for all of us. And by magical quality, what I
mean is that the meaning an object has frequently goes well beyond the physical characteristics.”
But with hoarders, “the beliefs about possessions are much more rigid and intense.”The purpose of
appointing hoarding its own diagnostic status is, in large part, to encourage hoarding-specific treatments"


Wisebread.com May 8, 2012

By Kentin Waits
Simple-Living Lessons I Learned From "Hoarders"

Hindustantimes.com, New Delhi, May 7, 2012

Are you crumbling under the clutter?

By Shara Ashraf and Priyanka Moga

"Why do people hoard?
Experts say that people hoard because of deep-seated psychological factors. Some lonely
people collect items to make themselves feel safe. Others use hoarding to distract themselves
from issues that bother them. "A rising trend, it is often the result of broken relationships and
insecurities. Most hoarders deny that their conditions are unlivable," says Dr Avdesh Sharma,
psychiatrist, and advises hoarders to seek help from friends, family and experts, or else the disorder
could leave their life impaired. Read on for an insight into a hoarder's psyche."

The Independent.co.uk, May 4, 2012

Last Night's Viewing: The Hoarder Next Door-Channel 4
Playhouse Presents: King of the Teds, Sky Arts 1

"If you watch any television at all you'll know what happened next: arrival of crack
clutter-clearance team, tears and minor tantrums, before-and-after shots of the resulting
transformation. The familiar template of triumphant cure, in other words. And, yes, it was
touching to see Nigel get his life back, but would it really have made it less interesting to
squeeze a few crumbs of nuanced psychological insight in among those picturesque piles of rubbish?"



SFGate.com,San Francisco, May 3, 2012

By Beth Spotswood

Crashing a Hoarding Convention                               


ABC13, Lynchburg, Virginia, May 2, 2012

By Dhomonique Ricks, Reporter and Ira Quillen,Videographer
Hoarders Anonymous: Who's Living Next to You
"All three of our hoarding experts say anyone can be a hoarder, although most of the
chronic hoarders they work with are elderly. And they are harder to recognize than one
may think."They're in middle class neighborhoods most of the time," Craig said. "


Blog, by  Jim Chiswell, May 2, 2012
A Simple Act of Kindness: Self-Storage Manager in Maryland Makes Positive Impact on Tenant

BostonCBSlocal.com, April 27, 2012
Research Suggests Genetic Are Behind Hoarding- with Video

"So why would anyone live like this? Researchers have mounting evidence a hoarder’s
brain is wired differently. They are finding some clues on chromosome 14.  Dr. Gregory
Chasson, a psychologist, explained “Research coming out suggests that there is a genetic
component and what that means is there is definitely a biological component.”



Jalopnick.com, April 27, 2012
By Ralph Orlove

Manhattan"s Mysterious Trash Filled Car

On a quiet street in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, there sits a dented, scraped and graffiti-covered
Chevrolet Corsica, filled from floor to ceiling with trash. How did this car get into this state? Is it some
hoarder's final refuge? How does it survive in such a fashionable Manhattan neighborhood?


SFGate.com, April 26, 2012

By Erin Allday

Bay Area hoarding and cluttering conference opens

"She's recovered enough now to be part of San Francisco's peer response team -            
created less than a year ago, it's one of the first projects of its kind in the United States.
Through the peer response team, Stark helps other hoarders face their disorder.                 
With one client, Stark will simply sit with her as she sorts through closets full of clothes           
and jewelry and helps her decide if a dress is worth keeping or should be given away.               
She understands the importance these collections have, and she respects how difficult
it can be to let go.                                 

HuffPost.com, April 26, 2012

By Robin Wilkey

International Conference on Hoarding and Cluttering comes to Bay Area

""We see the best results with a combination of cognitive based therapy with a
focus on hoarding and cluttering, and daily approaches to avoiding further clutter."


BostonGlobe.com, April 4, 2012
By Wendy Killen

Regional Task Force Seeks to Understand and Help Hoarders
"Hoarding crosses socioeconomic lines, social workers say....Many times, it’s a fire or medical 
emergency that brings the conditions to light. Elder Services learns of cases through referrals 
from individuals and agencies. ...McDonald visits about a half-dozen hoarders weekly and has 
10 people in the de-clutterers group, which also meets weekly.

Meeb.com,Legal Alerts, April 2, 2012
By Mathew Gaines
Morecondiminium communities are struggling with hoarders and the problems they create
"A Tennessee Appeals court recently upheld a lower court ruling evicting a condominium
owner from her unit and terminating her ownership rights. Agreeing that the owner’s hoarding,
and the nuisance and health threat it created for other owners, violated the association’s covenants,
the court approved the board’s request that the unit be sold and the proceeds used to repay the more
than $100,000 in legal costs the association had incurred in its efforts to deal with the problem...."

Huff Post 50, March 27, 2012

By Ann Brenoff

Hoarding:Does your aging parent have the disease of clutter

"A 50-year-old businesswoman from southern California recently walked into her 83-year-old father's
apartment and nearly passed out from what greeted her. "I thought I had mistakenly entered an unlocked
a storage area,..." " .....While various social service agencies exist to insure both the health and safety of
the elderly as well as the housing units themselves, be aware that once you bring them into the picture,
there is likely to be a great deal of stress put on the hoarder.


Milford Daily News, MA, March 18, 2012

By Julia Spitz

"Nice child" can't rescue hoarder Dad

Most of us were shocked this month when a Wayland senior citizen died in a fire at his
home with no running water and virtually no way out.... You don’t know what it’s like to
hope you weren’t related to these people, that perhaps you and your siblings were, as her
blog and book are titled, “Nice Children Stolen From Car’’ by a man whose disease, obsession,
addiction, call it what you want, meant the broken possessions were the most important things
in his life, and your mother did what she had to do to allow him to keep amassing things and keep
prying eyes away."


WTKR.com. March 13, 2012
By Tim Saunders
UPDATED: Severe case of hoarding forces Lynchburg couple out of their home
"Volunteers have carried out more than 60,000 pounds of garbage since last week,
when social services evicted the home's elderly owners due to dangerous conditions.
"You clear out one room and you feel good. You're ready to tackle the next room," said
Sean Dennerlein, a student at Liberty University who is part of a group called "Campus Serve."


The Independent.co,UK, March 13, 2012
By Emily Jupp
Hoarding: The art of letting go
Hoarding can take over people's lives and homes, but only now is it being recognized as
a distinct psychological disorder. Emily Jupp meets members of the first therapy group for
sufferers. .....UK's first therapy group for hoarders, run by Orbit Housing Group, a community
housing organization based in Coventry "...attends the group session once a week, where
..members are assigned tasks like doing the washing-up or throwing away one DVD that they
don't like. It's a very gradual, often frustrating process, but without it the members risk becoming
imprisoned in their homes, not to mention the health and safety risks like vermin and blocking fire exits."

abclocal.go.com,KGO, San Francisco, March12, 2012

By Dan Noyes

Update: Hoarder makes surprise court appearance

The hearing officer denied his request to delay the process.

"These kinds of conditions should never get to this condition," said  
Dennis O'Neal, a Santa Clara County hearing officer.


OregonLive.com, March 7, 2012
By Katie Muldoon

Compulsive hoarders require help from mental health professionals in order to change their ways
"February's tragic tally: Three Portland homes overstuffed with possessions and debris caught fire. 
Two men and one dog died. "
...What doesn't work," says Dr. James Hancey, director of the outpatient
psychiatry clinic at Oregon Health and Science University "is to go in and clear it out for them.
They just fill it back up." 

Wickedlocal.com, Wayland, MA, March 2, 2012
By Norman Miller and Michael Sereda

Man killed in 3-alarm fire; clutter hindered rescue
"A Wayland man killed by an early morning fire yesterday had piles of clutter blocking
all of his home’s doors making it difficult for firefighters to find him, officials said."

MyFOXphoenix.com, February 23, 2012

See Demo of Firefighters Training for Hoarder Fires

TEMPE, Ariz. -  

Tempe and Gilbert firefighters were put through an unusual training today. They're learning
what to do when they get to a house fire and the person living there is a hoarder.It’s a bigger
problem than you might think -- fire crews show up to a fire and not only have to fight flames,
but a house full of stuff.Tempe fire crews have had six hoarding fires in the last 6 months.“It
creates traps for people not to get out. if a fire gets seeded ina lot of times even the people that
live there have a hard time getting out let alone us coming in to get them,” says Phil Golosewski from Tempe Fire.


ABC 7 News, February 20, 2012 
By Dan Noye

Cleaning Up Hoarders Out of Control Home
"So it's a very touchy subject, it's property rights, it's personal lifestyle issues and that's why
I said earlier, we're talking, the county has minimum standards, not to say that we don't care,
but we are not trying to tell people how to live their lives," said Lanz."

Tucson Citizen.com, Arizona, February 18, 2012
By Laurie Merrill
Firefighters train for hoarder homes
"One Tempe crew alone has battled four hoarding fires in a year, Reichling said.
Since the 1970s, Tempe has lost six residents who could not escape their homes-
turned-death-traps, Reichling said....." "The Gilbert Fire Department is also participating
in the training, in which firefigthers battle simulated “hoarder fires,” typified by extreme
heat and crowding. The departments plan to showcase the training as a potential model
to colleagues across the state on March15."

durhamregion.com, Ontario, Canada, February 9, 2012
By Paarvaneh Pessian

Hoarding Cases Pile Up
Specialized task force targets root of growing problem
The task force's long-term goal is to build a centralized response
system where all agencies can collaborate and contribute when
responding to hoarding situations, thereby eliminating the need
for repeat interventions."

Fredericksburg.com,VA, February 3, 2012
Mat Paxton: Finding salvation in filth
"In addition to a cleaning specialist, each hoarder is matched with a therapist.
That counselor also works with the hoarder before the first camera arrives on scene.
Both therapist and organizer also stick around, if the hoarder agrees, for up to six months after the show ends.


WKYZ.com, Cleveland, February 3, 2012
Firefighters looking for hoarder home help
Video 02:52"The interest in hoarders peaked after the cable show became popular.
The dangers of fighting fires in such homes are not new. It is an issue the department
is now attacking through prevention...."

Reporter-news, Abeline, January 22, 2012

By Lori Soard

Encouraging kids to keep clean rooms

"However, most messy bedrooms are not an indication of a hoarder,

 but simply an indication of disorganization.

Adding organizational techniques

can help reduce the mess and bring peace to your home." See article here:


nbcchicago.com, Chicago, January 22, 2012

Town Takes Claim To Hoarders Home

Village hopes to sell home on the cheap


Salina Journal, Salina, Kansas, January 20, 2012

By Erin Mathews

Hoarders often are perfectionists

""It's so much easier to get rid of something after someone else has seen it," she said.

"Her question to me is, 'Are you ever going to use it?' We make a good team working together."


Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand, January 20, 2012
By Bronwyn Torrie

Filth, waste, stench in hoarders' dwelling
"The man said that if the right person were to knock on his door,
he would not turn away an offer of help, but he admitted to having
turned away agencies who had tried to help him in the past,  
because they were "not polite or respectful".


westseattleherald.com, Seattle,WA, January 20, 2012
By Steve Shay

Local organizer aids the hoarding obsessed; works with therapists

"Every hoarder is different," she cautioned, suggesting it is difficult to generalize.
"You don't know what's going on behind closed doors often.
Somebody can appear completely normal and have a serious hoarding issue that
others wouldn't know about. What always marvels me is that people who live like that
at home can pull themselves together every day, take the extra effort to have yourself
dressed and look presentable after having to overcome challenges in your home just to
find a simple thing like a hair brush or make-up and then carry on normally without many
people knowing."

ClintonNews.com, MS, January 12, 2012
By Ruth Ingram

Help for hoarders  Local episode to air on Animal Planet

"When a young woman from the Jackson metro area realized her pet population
had grown out of control, she reached out for help."


Get Surrey.co, UK, December 30, 2011

By Jenny Stanton

Gardener praised for saving Westcott hoarder

Andy Honey has captured the heart of the nation after the airing of Obsessive Compulsive
Hoarder, the story of Richard Wallace, who filled a four-bedroom bungalow and garages
from floor to ceiling with items he has kept over the years. 


Arbor Web, Michigan, December 30, 2011
By Eve Silberman
Children of Hoarders- A Difficult Relationshop 
Elizabeth Nelson talks about her attempts to help her mother.

FOX, Charlotte, NC, December 27, 2011
By Kate Bruce
Hoarding a Factor in Deadly Fire?
"And as Stevie points out, unfortunately sometimes the consequences can be fatal, ..
Clutter can kill you, its unfortunately true, people have been buried by it and suffocated by it."

Daily Breeze.com, Torrance, CA, December 26, 2011

Helen Dennis: Continuing the discussion of hoarding among the elderly


NorthJersey.com, December 20, 2011
By Marlene Naanes and Tariq Zehawi 
Firefighters injured in three alarm blaze at Passiac home
Firefighters called a third-alarm before they were able to extinguish the blaze about two hours later. 
The fire spread through the walls to two floors and into the attic, partially because of the debris, said
Capt. Luis Sanchez….“It was labor-intensive,” Trentacost said. “This is the most dangerous fire we
could face.” He added that firefighters faced “the unknown” as they made their way through the cluttered
home. The biggest issue was getting firefighters safely into and out of the house. “We are lucky that a
firefighter did not get killed,” he said. http://www.northjersey.com/topstories/passaic/Firefighters

ChicagoTribune.com, December 2, 2011

By Pamela Dittmer Mckuen

Dealing with neighbor who hoards

"If the association has a resident who hoards, "I would try to make contact," said Pfeffer.
"A lot of hoarders are very intelligent people. Many will respond to a written warning under
the door. If you have contact information, consider calling a family member."If cleanup demands
are unmet, associations can call local health departments or take legal action, said Slowikowski.
Above all, don't judge, Pfeffer said."Hoarders are not crazy, lazy or stupid," he said. "Hoarding is
a psychological disorder. People don't give up their life and safety and health by choice."

Democrat and Chronicle.com, Rochester, NY, November 17, 2011

By Mark Hare
Organizer Joani Hardy helps brings order to stuff of life

" ..."We all know people who are surrounded by stacks of paper and yet know exactly where
everything in the room is. People learn to keep track of things geographically.They can see
the pile some document is in or at least which quadrant of the room where it is.  As long as
that works, fine. When I come in is when it has stopped working.  Many of us need to find a
way to scale it back and take control.  I ask people how hard it would be to replace a document
if they delete it and shred it and then need it.”

Irishtimes.com, November 15, 2011
By John Holden

Storing up a problem
"...Everyone knows someone they might label a hoarder, but compulsive hoarding is on a whole
different level, and the disorder can lead to serious physical and mental strife..."

Dana Point Times, November 11, 2011

 City Tried for Years to Clean UP Scene of Fatal Fire

 "Tragedy struck first. In the early morning hours of October 30, fire raced through
the home, ultimately claiming the lives of Dana Point historian Doris Walker-Smith
and her husband, retired Marine Maj. Jack Smith.

WCVB-TV5, Arlington, Mass., November 5, 2011

Town Tackles Growing Problem: Hoarding
Gets Funding....
Case workers try to help arrange a cleanup and follow up to see if more mental
heath services are needed. "Success is seeing them happy and then seeing them
a year later in a cleared-out house," said Connelly. Arlington's hoarding response
team is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health."

Harvard Health Publications, Boston, November 2, 2011
Hoarding Gaining Attention and New Approaches, from Harvard Women’s Health Watch
When keeping stuff gets out of hand

WashingtonPost.com, October 12, 2011
By Josh White

Local hoarding task forces aim to get sufferers the help they need.
"......The task forces have become more prevalent in recent years. 

The first known task force, in Fairfax County, was one of five in the country in 2006.
This year, there are more than 85, said experts who study hoarding.
In addition to Montgomery County’s task force, which began in 2009, other localities
in the Washington area modeled programs after Fairfax’s in recent years.
Arlington County started a task force in 2002, and Prince William County began a task force this summer."


Springfield News Sun, Ohio, October 3, 2011
By Katie Wedell and Mark McGregor
Taxpayers often bear costs to clean up after hoarders

KARE11, Minneapolis, September 28, 2011
ByTrisha Volpe

Minneapolis officials: Hoarding causes fire danger +Video

, September 26, 2011
By Danielle Bell, Daily news
Legion comes to aid of woman who was burned out of her home


Tbo.com,Tampa, Fl, September 19, 2011
By Mary Shedden

Aging can bring out vulnerabilities, unhealthy behaviors
"Half of all older hoarders suffer from mood and anxiety disorders such as depression.
Their living situation can magnify that condition, creating shame, embarrassment and
extreme isolation for the hoarder, Cauffield says."

Cleveland.com, September 15, 2011
By Faith Boone, Sun News

Orange Village introduces an ordinance targeted at hoarders

"On a case-by-case basis, if a resident receives a citation and is found guilty by a judge,
he or she could be ordered jail time for up to 30 days.

A second offense could go up to 60 days."

Mark Lewis, Marc's Blog.emc.com

Episode 108  Best Practices to avoid information overload
"While digital information hoarding isn’t visible, it still can be disabling to individuals and
organizations in terms of both costs and time spent trying to manage it all

"6 key best practices currently stand out as the most effective approaches to dealing with
information overload. They are:

1. Centralize it   2. Virtualize it   3. Put it all online   4. Tier it  5. Manage it holistically   6. Leverage it"     
Read more at:  http://marksblog.emc.com/2011/09/episode-108-.html

HeraldNet.com,WA, September12, 2011
By Jackson Holtz
Another Task force gets involved
There is help for those overwhelmed by hoarding
"Hoarding is a problem here in Snohomish County where a special task force helps
coordinate social services and first responders to bring help to people in need."

September 8, 2011 
By Brian Smith

Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls:Compulsive Stealing, Spending, and Hoarding
Written by By Terrance D. Shulman
"Terrence Daryl Shulman can offer insight. He's a therapist, attorney and recovering theft addict
who has written extensively on compulsive behavior — namely stealing, spending and hoarding —
including three other books and various newspaper articles." 

ONNTV.com, Chesapeake, Ohio, August 29, 2011
Fire Destroys Hoarders' Home
"If it would have happened while I was in there, I would have never gotten out," she said. 
"If this fire would have happened in the middle of the night, we would have died. We'd have died.
I'd never be able to get her out the door in time," said Allen.

The Globe and Mail, Canada, Aug 20, 2011
by Marsha Lerman

On 'Consumed' one persons junk is another's TV treasure

"Consumed, which premieres on HGTV Canada on Tuesday, is a series the creators hope will capitalize
on the current fascination with people who cram their homes full of too much junk –"

Psychiatric times.com, August 19, 2011
by S.Otte and G. Steketee
Psychiatric Issues in Hoarding
"Hoarding is a significant psychiatric problem that occurs at twice the rate of obsessive-compulsive
disorder (OCD) and at almost 4 times the rate of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.13 
It has been linked with impulse control disorders and appears to have high comorbid rates of major
depressive disorder (MDD), social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD), and personality disorders.18-26"

AZ Central.com, August 14, 2011
By Jackie Smith
Arizona Hoarding Task Force sees a rise in inquiries
"A state panel established to address issues surrounding hoarders in Arizona and
provide a unified approach to helping them has seen more people reach out to its members."

MailOnline, UK, August 13, 2011
By Nikki Murfit
My Mother is a hoard aholic and yes that is a real condition says Jasmine Harmon.
"The devastating impact Vasoulla’s condition has had on Jasmine and her four younger
siblings is to be highlighted in a poignant BBC documentary, My Hoarder Mum And Me."

Rancho Bernardo Patch, CA, August 8, 2011
By Shantel Lowe
Suffocated by Stuff: Hoarders
"TV shows have exposed the ugly truth about hoarding, but do they help those
who suffer from the compulsion to save? A UC San Diego professor tries to

Hoarding Seminars and Support Groups Announced, Gaithersburg, Maryland, July 27, 2011,
The Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) and the Gaithersburg Hoarding Task Force present
a seminar series for family members of adults with hoarding behaviors. The four session series
for for family members of adults with hoarding behaviors. ...allows family members ...to learn,
share and find support as they face the impact of a loved one's hoarding.

Public Radio International, Here and Now, PRI,  July 26, 2011
What gets buried: the impact of compulsive hoarding on children
" The daughter of a hoarder describes how her mother's compulsion affected her life"

New York Times News Service, July 24, 2011
By Steven Kurutz
How Children of Hoarders Leave the Cluttered Nest

The Star.com, Toronto, Canada July 14, 2011
By Jennifer Brown

RENTING Property Owners have little power to battle hoarding
Situations like that drive it home to people like Holmyard that hoarders aren’t
just potentially dangerous to their fellow tenants, but also to firefighters who
could one day find themselves faced tackling a fire in that very unit.“It concerns
us and we red-flagged  the unit because if there is a fire we don’t want our men
going in there and getting trapped,” said Holmyard. The fear now is that hoarding
is considered a mental health issue and therefore landlords will be asked to accommodate
a tenant. “The system has to be changed because right now we’re the ones caught in the
middle,” says Ganguly.

Washingtonexaminer.com, Virginia, July 13, 2011
By Leah Fabel
Area task forces target dangerous hoarding
"Montgomery County spent more than $17,000 in October to house a family and clean their home
after a neighbor's complaint about outside debris revealed severe hoarding.... In Montgomery County,
a newly formed hoarding task force brings together representatives from various agencies ranging from
police and fire departments to Adult Protective Services. Fairfax and Arlington counties have formed similar
collaborations since the late 1990s.  When community members or county agencies report hoarders early enough,
they can significantly reduce costs later on."

MercuryNews.com, Boulder Creek, CA, July 11, 2011
By Kimberly White
Property in Boulder Creek to be featured on"Hoarders"
"Kaylor doesn't believe he's a hoarder, and has no problem publicizing his accumulations.
But mental health experts say hoarding can be linked to mental health issues."


PsychCentral.com blog
By Therese Borchard
Dirty Little Secret : Help for Children of Hoarders
"Amanda grew up with a mother who hoarded everything from shoes to coupons...."

Mercury News.com, Menlo Park, California, 
July 9, 2011

By Diana Samuels

Tragic Menlo Park hoarding case leads to questions about city enforcement

"Less than a week later, 74-year-old Harris died by suicide. Now his friends and family are
questioning why he was removed from his apartment with such haste and are searching for
ways that municipalities can work more successfully with hoarders like Harris.....

While Harris may not have been aware of them, there are resources for hoarders, ranging
from legal help to group therapy sessions, according to local mental health officials. Efforts
are also under way to bring together code enforcement officers and mental health professionals
to discuss best ways to approach hoarding situations."

Suffield Patch, July 7, 2011
By Jennifer Coe
Giving It Away May Have More Of A Return Than You Think

Nice Article on how to think about getting rid of too much- Freecycle vs Craigs List

"1. I want this stuff out of here as quickly as possible

2. We don't get as much money for our things as we ever hope to.

3. Giving it away made me feel good."

"People are in need right now. When times are so economically tough for families,
when families cannot go out and purchase a new stroller “system” for their third baby
or a new 10-speed for the 11-year-old who just outgrew her bike in the middle of the summer,
friends and strangers who are willing to help are a blessing."


Daily Motion, July, 2011
Helping Hoarders in Canada - a News & Political Video
Toronto Public Health officials say they are working with other city agencies to
try to help hoarders avoid living in unsafe conditions.

TVGuide, June19, 2011
By Rich Juzwiack
Geralin Thomas on Helping Hoarders
"Thomas told us about the effect that working with challenged people has on her, whether the
TV production helps or hurts the organizing process and how the show's exposure of hoarding
has helped people pinpoint their own problems.

Psych Central.com, June, 2011
Hoarding Behavior: Another Perspective

MSNBC's TODAY'S Show, Video 5.38 minutes, May 19, 2011
Interview with Randy Frost, and Jason Brunet, Holy Fisher, children (kids)of hoarding parents

May 25, 2011
By Ryan Pennington
Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards for Firefighters
"Hoarders are becoming an ever-increasing problem in the modern world of firefighting.
Since the beginning of the fire service, we have dealt with stacks of belongings located inside and outside
the buildings that we respond to with one major difference, today the numbers of these type buildings have
 become increasingly more common. The risks associated with fighting fires inside these conditions are
increased due to the lack of room to maneuver, a larger fire load, and limited means of egress because
the rooms are no longer able to be used for their intended purposes."

Vancouver Sun, May 24, 2011
By Kevin Murphy
Hoarding Problem Emerges From the Shadow
"Hoarding has spilled out of the closet to become among the most publicized mental illnesses
in the United States. It is the subject of cable television shows, national or regional conferences
virtually weekly, and has spawned dozens of support groups. There about 75 organizations in the
country to help hoarders, compared to only a handful seven years ago, said Christiana Bratiotis,
director of the Hoarding Research Project at the Boston University School of Social Work."

CBS Pittsburgh.com KDKA, May 23, 2011
Hoarding's Darkest Side
"On March 9, a cold rain only added to the depressing scene inside 113 Elmont Street in Crafton Heights.
It was a fire fueled by waist-high trash.
It’s likely that 77-year-old John Rabusseau’s obsession with storing stuff
away cost him his life. The body of the retired salesman was found just behind a front door blocked by junk."

Idaho Fire Chiefs Association.org, May 23, 2011

By Kristine Harrington
Hoarding Creates New Dangers to Firefighters

WQUAD.com, Davenport, Iowa, May 23, 2011
By Rae Chelle Davis
Hoarding Hurdles
"Narrow paths become the only way to get around. To say it's a fire hazard, is putting it lightly.
It is endangering firefighters and it is endangering people that aren't up on what's actually happening,"
said Lt. Mark Kakert who works in the public education department of Davenport Fire.
...We're going into a house that's on fire. It's dark... It's black and you can't see. If the trails for hoarders
are like 2 feet wide
and you're almost 3 feet wide with all your gear are you going to be able to get through
and get where you need to go and get people out?" said Lt. Kakert."

MySanAntonio.com, May 12, 2011
By Jason Olavarri
They are not listed in any phonebook and they don't advertise, but if there is an extreme
need that requires helping hands, the Hardship Assistance Team (HAT) is there.


May 11, 2011
By Stephen Kurutz
Children of Hoarders On Leaving the Cluttered Nest

Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother’s Compulsive Hoarding,
by Jessie Scholls, focuses on the children of hoarders,

"Randy O. Frost, a psychology professor at Smith College, has been studying hoarders for
two decades and is an author of “Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things.”
Children of hoarders, he noted, often display a tortured ambivalence toward their parents,
perhaps because unlike spouses or friends of hoarders, they had little choice but to live amid the junk."

BuffaloNews.com, May 9, 2011

By Stephen T. Watson

Shedding  lighton dirty secret
"With this attention comes a desire to rethink how to treat cases of hoarding, which was
long stereotyped and misunderstood. 
Cleaning up isn't enough. Organizations are beginning
to treat hoarding as a mental-health issue and working to get hoarders the counseling and
oversight they need."


Hoarding Could Be Harmful to Your Home
Piles of Trash could be a fire hazard


TwinCities.com, May 8, 2011
By John Brewer
The 'dirty little secret' of hoarding fills their father's house to rafters
As hoarding gains prominence, children must confront their Little Canada father's 'collecting'

NBC4I.com,Columbus, Ohio, May 7, 2011
By Denise Yost
Inside A Central Ohio Hoarder's Nightmare
"Last year, Emily Evans was sent to jail twice for the home she owns."

Niagara Falls Review, May 6, 2011
By Alison Langley
HOARDING-'This is beyond extreme'
Hoarding is a growing concern for Falls fire Department and Social Agencies in Niagara
"In the event of afire, the large volume of combustible materials would create an extremely hot,
fast-spreading fire that would be difficult to extinguish. "This is a grave concern to us," Jessop said,
adding the Niagara Falls Fire Department has discovered several cases of hoarding in recent months."

CTV Montreal, May 6, 2011
Special Report: The struggles of hoarding
"What distinguishes hoarders from collectors is simple," he said.  "Somebody whose a collector usually
collects for positive reasons.... Somebody who hoards it's exactly the opposite. Often they're hoarding
something that nobody else values. The main emotion is not pride but anxiety."

Ahwatukee.com, Tempe, Arizona, May 5, 2011
By Rebecca Zymansky
"TEMPE – Firefighters had no reason to suspect anything but a house fire, but when three of them walked
up to the front door, an explosion hit them with a wall of flame. Two were injured, including a fire captain
burned on his face and hands."

The Wichita Eagle Kansas.com, May 5, 2011
By Deb Gruver 

Coalition to hold conference to help hoarders 
Many hoarding cases go unreported. The coalition also does not work with people until they are ready to be helped.
So a friend or relative might call for assistance, but until the hoarder is willing to accept help, the coalition does not
open a case.  When someone calls the hoarding coalition for help, workers take a report and an investigative team
goes out to evaluate the problem. Staff help the hoarder develop a plan to get the home cleaned up and connect the
hoarder with resources such as mental health providers and Adult Protective Services.  The coalition has been involved
in cases where there was so much hoarding that floors buckled and homes sustained structural damage from the weight
of the items, she said" 

San Francisco Bay Guardian on line, May 3, 2011

Evicting hoarders

Excessive collection of stuff is a mental disability, but legal protections for these renters are often ignored
"Evictions in San Francisco are on the rise. Between March 1, 2010 and Feb. 28, 2011, 1,370 evictions were
filed, an 8 percent rise from 1,269 evictions the previous year. The Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and California
Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) offer protections to those who have a disability, but landlords say there
are liability issues associated with excessive hoarding.......On March 10, MHA hosted its 13th Conference on
Hoarding and Cluttering. Keynote speaker Christiana Bratiotis, who has her doctorate in social work and is director
of the Hoarding Research Project, "

Vermont Public Radio News, May 2, 2011 
By Peggy Girshman
Massive Clean Up Is No Cure For Hoarding

"If the popularity of the cable television show Hoarders is any indication, we have a fascination with hoarding.
"We all love a good train wreck," says Mark Odom, clinical consultant to the Orange County (Calif.) Task Force on Hoarding.
And, he says, many people including psychiatrists think hoarders are obsessive-compulsive. It's even listed that way
in the bible of psychiatric disorders, the DSM IV.  But this isn't necessarily true, according to several studies presented at the
annual conference of the American Society on Aging, which wrapped up this weekend in San Francisco. Hoarders are more likely
to be depressed, anxious or have social phobias than to have obsessive-compulsive disorder.  And the problem worsens with age. "

Kaiser Health News, May 2, 2011
By Peggy Girshman

Big Cleanout No Cure For Hoarding
"University of California, San Francisco researcher Monika Eckfield studied 22 older adults and found that
changes in their social environment created boredom and isolation. So, for some, shopping became a
socially-appropriate way to interact with the world. And then, they don't get rid of anything once they bring purchases home.
All 16 women and 6 men described "blockages," with no motivation to discard many things, though no one kept everything.
One woman said her house was "constipated," Eckfield reports."

Boston University Today, April 30, 2010
When Stuff Takes Over
Gail Steketee, a professor and dean of the School of Social Work, discusses the meaning of compulsive hoarding
Video-3 minutes

Omaha World Herald, April 25, 2011
By Katie Healey
Hoarder continues to dig out

The Charleston Gazette, April 19, 2011
By Rosalie Earle
Can You Lead a Hoarder To Give Up His Stuff
"Rita McGhee gives tips on how to separate hoarders from their possessions at a workshop for social workers."

Mass Appeal, April 6, 2011
By Nate Luscombe
How To Get Rid Of Your Digital Clutter
"...Finally, don't procrastinate going through your inbox. Spend 15 minutes a week decluttering and staying on top of it."
How about 15minutes a day!, your editor

Potomac Local.com, Stafford , VA, March 29, 2011

KPHO.com CBS5 Phoenix news, March 22, 2011
by Joshua Molina

Firefighters Battling Hoarding in Arizona
"On Tuesday afternoon, different agencies talked about forming an alliance.
They said a task force has been created to combat hoarding in Arizona. They also
launched a website at
azhoarding.com to teach the public about the dangers of
overloading homes with combustible items.

"This is not just a singular issue to the city of Tempe. This is actually a problem that
is throughout the Valley, throughout the state, and throughout the country," said Brad
Pitassi, a spokesman for the Maricopa Fire Department. "These fires kill firefighters.
"Last week's fire burned one firefighter on his face, ear and hand. Another suffered a
knee injury. One of the homeowners also received burns to his chest and back, firefighters said."


Moreland Leader.whereilive.com, Australia, March 12, 2011
by Tessa Hoffman
Moreland Help for Hoarders
"So it may come as a surprise that about 7500 Moreland residents from a range of socio-economic backgrounds suffer
from the little-known psychological condition, which accounts for almost a quarter of all preventable deaths in fires."


News and Sentinel.com, Parkersburg, West Virginia, March 6, 2011
by Pamela Brust
Hoarders often unseen; need help
"We all save stuff, but for some it just spins out of control.
The act of throwing it away makes them feel anxious, overwhelmed about letting go of anything.
It's usually worse during a crisis point in someone's life, a death, money problems,
aging, a lack of coping mechanisms," Dixon said.

Science Daily, March 3, 2011
The More Secure You Feel, the Less You Value Your Stuff
"The research was conducted by Edward Lemay, assistant professor of psychology at UNH, and colleagues at
Yale University. The research is published in the
 Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.  Lemay and his
colleagues found that people who had heightened feelings of interpersonal security -- a sense of being loved
and accepted by others -- placed a lower monetary value on their possession than people who did not."


TriCity Herald.com, February 26, 2011
Hoarders:Spokane firefighters battle trash to get to fire

Pittsburgh Tribune - Review, February 24, 2011
by William Loeffler
Wid shows that one man's trash is another's laughter
"Some hoarders seek help, submit to an intervention or invite reality television into
their rat's nest. Michael Baldwin took his accumulated junk, packed it in two suitcases,
and went on the road as a prop comic....."


King5.comtv, February 23, 2011
by Saint Bryan
Hoarders in Seattle 
"In season after season, the Seattle-based crews behind the A&E hit show, ‘Hoarders,’
have shed light on a mental disorder that affects three million Americans. But what is it
really like to spend days inside these homes? Saint Bryan catches up with the producers to find out."  VIDEO

Calgary Herald, February 21, 2011
By Stephane Massinon and Colette Derworiz
Home owner calls help "unbelievable."  Volunteers remove mounds of clutter.                                                  
"A small army of volunteers came out over the weekend to help the grieving widow
of a hoarder who recently died in an a car crash."

TorontoSun.com, February 19, 2011
By Jill Ellis
Life- Amassing a Mess
People's items are starting to take over their lives – can professional organizers help?
"While most people's homes could use a little tidying up, some decluttering and reorganization
of space, others require a major overhaul. And these people are often hoarders......."

Thestar.com, Toronto, January 31, 2011  
By Donovan Vincent Staff Reporter
Man, who helped fire victims, faces eviction for hoarding
Fire potential  "A neighbour across the hall says Stephen Vassilev — it was his unit that
broke out in flames — had larges piles of paper in his apartment prior to the fire. Vassilev,
who remains in a seniors’ building TCH relocated him to after the blaze, says he had made
efforts to clear out his unit before the fire, after being told to do so by a Toronto public health official and TCH."

Oxford Mail, January 31, 2011
By Dan Hearn
The woman who can throw nothing away
Stigma-"But now Ms Riches, who lives on Osney Island, is fighting
back and vows to lift the stigma attached to Britain’s compulsive hoarders."


Count on 2 First, NBC2, Lee County Fl, January 26, 2011

By Sarah Hollenbec

New task force aims to fight hoarding

The idea is that if officials with any local agencies – including Mental Health, Code Enforcement,
law enforcement officers and others - find a hoarder, they can work together to provide help.  In the
past, unless children or animals were living in the deplorable conditions, local agencies rarely
interfered.  "Then once it rose to the surface, the person is in absolute squaller, or is evicted.
The goal is to identify it quickly before we reach that point of no return," said Stacey Cook-Hawk,
with Lee County Mental Health.The point of no return, she explained, is when taxpayers end up
footing the bill for demolition, cleanup or rehabilitation.  In two years, the county's had more than
a dozen large ticket busts, costing tens of thousands of dollars.  Starting Wednesday, the task force
will meet formally once a month. But all 30-plus members have volunteered to be on call around the clock.


Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Rancho Cucamonga, CA,
January 22, 2011
by Wendy Leung
Neighborhood fixture dies homeless
"That year, a state Superior Court appointed a health and safety receiver to make repairs to the home
and clean the property. A $120,000 loan was approved for this purpose. According to the receiver,
Mark Adams, the idea was to get Reyes to take out a reverse mortgage loan. Such a move would allow
Reyes to live in his home for the rest of his life without having to pay for the loan.
But Reyes refused to sign such a plan. He also refused offers for any mental health treatment."
NJ.com, January 22, 2011
by Stephen Sterling
One person is killed in New Brunswick blaze
" An elderly man died and his two dogs were missing after a fire in New Brunswick today,
after mounds of clutter hindered firefighters from gaining access to his home."

Calgary Herald, January 20, 2011
By Jennifer McDougall, For Neighbors
Support group offers 'safe place' to talk
Outreach workers with a CFS older adult program began noticing that many clients were living in
crowded circumstances prompting the creation of a support group for seniors "who save too many things"."

Salon.com, January 11, 2011
by Matt Zoller Seitz
"Hoarders" Unforgettable Rat Episode
"And it's true that A&E's fascination with extreme and upsetting behavior does point to a tabloid mentality,
at least on the part of network executives looking to beef up ratings. But I don't think "Hoarders" can be
accused of cynicism. It's sincerely empathetic. It depicts extreme behavior, but only as a means of finding
a colorful analogue for a psychological process that "normal" people go through every day: the struggle to
identify obsessive and/or self-destructive behavior and then do something about it."

The Philadelphia Inquirer, January 10, 2011
by Stacey Burling
Hoarding may become an official disorder
"Behavior or feelings aren't considered illnesses unless they cause significant problems. The guy who dedicates
a room to sports memorabilia is probably just a collector, while someone who crams his house so full of Eagles
stuff that he can't use it has a disorder, Bhati said. ..Psychiatrists treat hoarding now, but often lump it into OCD,
he said. "What research is showing is that hoarders are probably different than people with classic obsessive-compulsive
disorder," he said. People with OCD often fear contamination and know they have a problem, he said. Many hoarders
think they're fine and are not driven by anxiety. "                   

Fancast.com, xfinity.tv, January 10, 2010
by Adam Buckman
The Secrets of TVs Most Shocking Show                                                                     
How on Earth do they make A&E’s “Hoarders"? It’s a question that occurs often to the 2.1 million astonished viewers
on average who have made this deeply disturbing documentary-style reality series the second highest-rated non-fiction
series on A&E (after “Storage Wars").

Hearldsun.com.au, January 8, 2011
by Miles Kemp
Counseling to give hoarders a clean slate
"The South Australian Public and Environmental Health Council is co-coordinating the effort, based on a NSW idea,
which seeks to break the cycle of council clean-up orders and mass dumping of the people's possessions."

KRQE.com, Albuerque, NM, January 6, 2011
by Alex Tomlin
Hoarder's house knocked down by city. Includes video.

Milwaukee WI, December 29, 2010
by Lauren Leamanczyk Includes a Video
Church Helps Hoarder Get Her Home Back
Calvary Memorial United Church of Christ Pastor Lorrie Wenzel says Cee is part of the church family and they had to help.
Cee knows kicking her hoarding habit won't be easy."
"In a sense, my value is what I have.
They're telling me that I have value besides what I have and I find that very hard to believe."

The T&D.com, South Carolina, December 21, 2010
by Dionne Gleaton
Cluttered Lives: Hoarding Can Be Treated

"Hoarding has spawned at least two television shows, one of which is the popular A&E documentary series "Hoarders."
A psychiatrist at the Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center says such shows are hopefully pointing those suffering from
the disorder in a helpful direction."

IFPress.com,Toronto, November 10, 2010
by Mike Stroebel
Twin brother hoarders face eviction
"....Newspapers and magazines create a cave around their beds, with the headlines of a dozen years. Elvis would have turned 70, 2005.
Octomom gives birth, January 2009. Fire ravages a downtown Toronto, two months ago. Yes, that fire - the one that started in a flat
chock-full of papers""They're sick," says paralegal Visvaldis Freimanis. "Like lepers, except their disease is they collect crap....The two
legal beagles have taken on the brothers as a charity case."

WinkNews, Lee County, Florida, November 10, 2010
New Hoarding Task Force Aims to Curb Cases in South West Florida
"It typically gets to the point of no return, and then people are forced to accept treatment. We want to figure out,
how do we intervene sooner," Cook-Hawk said.....The Task Force is still trying to identify ways to get in and help
hoarders before a home gets to the point where it's a health hazard."                                                                          

Psychology Today, November 5, 2010
by Robert London, MD
Decluttering--- Is it therapy?
"Organization professionals perform a valuable and, yes, therapeutic service."

FoxBusiness.com, October 20, 2010
by Eric Sandberg
Hoarders Buried in Debt
"The financial impact, however, is often just as distressing. "About 75% of people with hoarding problems buy excessively,
with over half qualifying for a diagnosis of
compulsive buying,"says Randy Frost, professor of psychology at Smith College
and author of "Stuff:Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things." "Hoarders tend to have .... huge
credit card debt," says Frost.

The Star.com, Toronto, October 16, 2010
by Nicholas Keung
Hundred of Wellesley St fire victims still yearning to go home
"Although the closed-door meeting was mostly peaceful, some tenants were angry that the
housing management had not taken action against the hoarders in some units, which they
say contributed to the fire. Hunter said Toronto Community Housing has taken over the building
from Greenwin Property Management and the 19 units identified as being occupied by hoarders
are being de-cluttered.The cause of the fire is still under investigation."


Globe and Mail.com, Toronto, October 15, 2010
by Katie Rook            
Hoarders leading cluttered lives in secret

All NewsWire.com, October 8, 2010
by Jessica Kolifrath
Hoarders: Secrets Hidden Behind Closed Doors
"People who gathered items or held on to things in case they could use them later used
 to be considered harmless eccentrics and were called pack rats. But with the growing
stress of everyday life and the proliferation of low cost items that are easily purchased
online or in stores, some collectors have taken their habits to extreme levels. Hoarding
ceases to be harmless when it endangers the people who have to live in a home where
every square foot of space is full of boxes, stacks, and piles."

Ottawacitizen.com, October 1, 2010
by Maria Cook
Louise slays her very own monster 
"She consulted a psychiatrist with knowledge of hoarding. He told her:
"You're stuck somewhere, but you'll pull out of it." ..."That gave her hope.
Then, about a year ago, Louise heard about a virtual
reality study at the Université du Québec..."

October 1, 2010
Schaumburg Set to Clean Hoarder's House
Check out the video- Where is the patient advocate?

The OttawaCitizen.com, September 26, 2010
by Maria Cook
Hoarding:When trash is treasured
About this series: Almost all of us have too much stuff, but people known as hoarders acquire — and keep —
way too much. Their compulsion breaks up families and is hazardous to health and safety. Hoarding has been called
“the disorder of the decade.” And it could soon be classified as a psychiatric illness. The Citizen’s Maria Cook talks
to hoarders, the people who try to help them and the researchers who are untangling the puzzling nature of this disorder.

the star.com, Toronto, September 25, 2010
By Theresa Boyle
The Hazards of Hoarding
"But there is a dearth of publicly covered health services for hoarders, Richter said.“It’s just not resourced at all.
We as a society need to do more for these people who are so impaired.”

Dailygleaner.canadaeast.com, September 25, 2010
By Laverne Stewart
'Its never about the stuff'
"Our hoarding relative has also begun to talk about the hoarding and about how
they had become too embarrassed to ask for help. These steps are all significant,
and are going in the right direction.  It will not take much to get the new house in
order and running in an efficient manner, if the hoarder allows people to help."

myfox.com, Washington D.C. September 24, 2010
by Sheri Li
DC Woman Evicted From Home Was A Hoarder
What was in her home was enough to fill ten houses. All of it wound
up piled up on both sides of her street and a block down another

Inside TIME.com, September 8, 2010
Posted by Maia Szalavitz
For Hoarders and Addicts, Drama is Trauma Not Therapy
"Good drama relies on conflict and confrontation — but that is not true of good therapy. In fact,
if you are trying to change human behavior, kindness, empathy and support are far more
effective than tough love and quick fixes."    

Firehouse.com, September 8, 2010
By Mary Devine
Hoarder Forces Minn. FireFighters to the Windows
 "Firefighters finally had to break through windows to make entry because of the amount of property
that blocked the doors at 195 Goodrich Ave., Fire Marshal Steve Zaccar said."

BlogCritics.org, September 7, 2010
by Melissa Mashburn
Hooked on Hoarders
"Another reason I think this show has gained such a following, is that it allows us to feel slightly
smug and superior over those people who are sharing their lives with us. We can safely acknowledge
that we might not be very good at keeping our clutter picked up, because our house is not nearly as
badly cluttered as what we are seeing on our television screens. Or maybe we can admit that our
bathroom currently needs to be cleaned, but at least it does not resemble the worst of the bathrooms
you might find in a run down gas station. It makes us feel good because we can see that we have better
self control in our lives than those people do."

Fox5News, Las Vegas, August 26, 2010
Husband believes remains are missing wife
"Bill James believes human remains found at his Las Vegas home are those of his missing wife,
Billie Jean, but he did not say how long he believed they were in the house or why he didn’t notice them for months."
Missing Woman, Her Husband Described As Pack Rats

NY Time, August 25, 2010
by Sam Dolnick
In a Hoarder's Home, Going All Out to Find the Floor
" “What we’re doing,” Ms. Bergfeld told the man as they tackled the mountain this week,
“is getting your light out of a bunch of stuff so you can shine.” "

BostonHerald.com, August 22, 2010
by Tenley Woodman
Gathering Strength
A   hoarder works hard to overcome her addiction "....credits her Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP)
case worker Jesse Edsell-Vetter and clinician Christiana Bratiotis, director of Boston University’s hoarding research
project, with helping her weed through the mess. “There’s not a cure. It’s very much like alcoholism. The name of
the game is managing it,” Edsell-Vetter said"..." Video imbedded...
by Barbara Beggoetz for the Indianapolis Star
Hoarding behaviors can signal OCD, lead to health problems
"Until recently, research has been limited. Within the past three years, three epidemiological studies in the
United States, Germany and United Kingdom found that 2.5% to 5% of the adult population are hoarders, said
Randy O. Frost, a leading hoarding expert, psychology professor at Smith college and co-author of Stuff:
Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things. Surprisingly, those numbers are higher than the 1% to 2% of
people with other obsessive-compulsive disorders, he said.
"If someone has a family member who hoards, Schmetzer said, it's best to get the person into counseling or
therapy with a psychiatrist or other mental health provider. We tend to do a lot of things by habit," Schmetzer said.
"It's a coping mechanism. Hoarders have to find ways to make changes, learn how to stop responses that are habit
and replace them with behaviors that aren't problematic. That's hard for anybody."

Montana Standard, Aug 12, 2010
Too Much Stuff
by Paula J McGarvey
..."According to Jakupcak and Werner, the home previously belonged to Basilica (Scordelis) Marks
and her husband, Stan.  After Stan died, Basilica, also known as "Bess," left the home to Veronica
"Vernie" O Sullivan, the sister of local priest, Sarsfield O Sullivan....When Vernie died,
she left the home to Sarsfield. ..."

Seattle pi.com/readers blog, August 6, 2010
DITA: Too Much Information?
posted by Richard Machin
.........DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is IBM's stab at producing standardized mechanisms
for hoarding, or rather for "authoring, producing, and delivering technical information."..."we're better off
than the hoarders who have so much stuff they couldn't tell you what they have or where it is. But we do
have one major problem in common with them; it's hard to distinguish between information that's likely
to be useful, and information that we will likely never reference again....But we need to develop a hierarchy
of information such that the likely most valuable is the most thoroughly tagged and categorized, and information
that proves to be of little use can be quietly and efficiently sent to a "stack" or jettisoned for good."

, July 13, 2010
by Kate Hagan
Call for task force to help hoarders
AUSTRALIA needs a taskforce on compulsive hoarding, an under-recognized mental illness that ageing,
mental health and council workers are ill equipped to deal with, experts say.

The west.com.au, July 12, 2010
AAP, The West Australian
Shopaholics part of the hoarding family
"While the disorder is often associated with collecting rubbish, up to 80 per cent of compulsive hoarders also
suffer shopping disorders where they constantly acquire new items."said Dr. Frost.............

dailywd, WomensDay.com, July 2, 2010
Daily Dose : Help for OCD
by Barbara Brody
Dr. Szymanski " If a show is doing a good job of representing proper OCD treatment (with ERP), you should see:....."

Daily Herald, Illinois, July 20, 2010
by Ben Geier and Lee Filas
Dead woman described as 'hoarder,' but neighbors had no idea of degree
"79-year-old Skokie woman had packed so much garbage into her home
that rescue workers had to cut a hole in the roof to get her out after she died Monday.."

United Business Media newswire, PRN Newswire, July, 2010
Animal Planets New Series Premiering - July 21, 6 part Series -
Explores the Human Impact and Animal Toll of Animal Hoarding


Washington Post.com, June 24, 2010
Getting your house organized- Family Photographs

AtlantaJournal-Constitution AJC.com, Atlanta, June  22,2010
by Christian Boone
Hoarder pulled from trash-filled home taken to intensive care
"had to be extricated from her home by four rescue personnel following a 911 call from an unidentified source.
It took the firefighters 40 minutes to wade through "chest-high" debris that clogged the hallways of the modest
residence,.. who was apparently trapped in her bedroom. Her rescuers were decontaminated as a precaution..."

The Star.com June 19, 2010
by Michael Rosenwald,
Washington Post
Buried Alive
A well written, insightful, personal account of a man's hoarding problem over the years.

MACLEANS.CA,  June 14, 2010  
Are the fit tidier?...Many pack rats are overweight
 by Kathy Gulli 
"Next, researchers need to find out if it’s a personality trait that makes the same people
who keep a clean house more likely to be physically active, or if there’s another explanation."

Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia, June 13, 2010

Councils will help serial hoarders 
"Willoughby City Council has engaged Macquarie University to run a clinical study to treat people with
severe hoarding issues. Willoughby Mayor Pat Reilly said the program would give therapy to severe hoarders"

Herald.com, June 13, 2010
Hoarders dig out from under an obsession   
by  Cynthia McCormick, Cape Cod Times  
"Responding to a routine call about an oil burner malfunction, the deputy fire chief found himself navigating
a narrow path walled with boxes." The basement was filled from the floor to the ceiling," he recalled. His presence
upset the precarious balance of containers filled with clothing and auto parts, which toppled over onto him." "

The Guardian
, June 12, 2010
Problem Solved: Our mother's hoarding is getting out of hand – her house is filthy as well
as crammed with stuff. We don't like visiting because of this – how can we help her?
by Annalisa Barbieri


Edmonton Sun.com, June 7, 2010
Hoarders Find Help in Support Group
by Kristie Brownlee
"Over soup and sandwiches, Edmonton seniors meet to talk about the overwhelming piles
of junk in their homes that has taken over their lives.  The lunch group is part of a support program,
only the second of its kind in Canada, to assist compulsive hoarders who are sometimes in so deep they face eviction."

ABC 7 News, Denver, C0, June 3, 2010
"Hoarders Create Risk For Denver Firefighters
Recent cases illustrate the problem. Article and Video
If you think you may be living near a potential fire risk, call..........."

Breaking News.com, May 25, 2010
Couple Rescued near death from mounds of debris in home

Cleveland.com, May 15, 2010
Hoarders leave behind disturbing mess for families to clean up
By Jill Sell

Wall Street Journal, May 9, 2010
How to Estimate the Value of Donated Items
By Tom Herman
" Consider donating old clothes, furniture, golf clubs and other household items to your favorite charities.
These noncash donations, as tax professionals refer to them, can help trim your tax bill -- as long as you itemize
your deductions.  But valuing those donations can be surprisingly tricky."

The Week.com, May 7, 2010
The last word: The hidden beauty of hoarding
Excerpted from STUFF: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things
by Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee. Copyright © 2010 by Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee.

boston.com, May 5, 2010
Book Review of "Stuff":  Gripping case studies of compulsive hoarders
By Ethan Gilsdorf

TIME.com, April 26, 2010
Hoarding: How Collecting Stuff Can Destroy Your Life
by Kayla Webley
"In their new book Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things Randy Frost, a psychology professor
at Smith College and co-author Gail Steketee, dean at Boston University's School of Social Work, debunk the
myths behind the phenomenon. Frost spoke to TIME about the sometimes dangerous power of possessions'

GMTODAY.com, Milwaukee,WI, April 26, 2010
Digging out
 by Nan Balek
"Brenden McDaniel, owner of Action Organizing Services in Cedarburg, does not judge.
He knows that for some people, a compulsion to accumulate possessions gets way out of hand.
" This includes tips on how to help the hoarder.

books, April 25, 2010
"Stuff": The psychology of hoarding
"Their love of stuff made their homes unlivable. An expert offers insight -- and horror stories "
" but "Stuff" is worth reading not only because of the authors' authority on the subject, but also
because of its elegant prose, and its nuanced and well-researched take on the subject."

Denver Post.com, April 23, 2010  
De-Clutter to Create Space for a Life Well-Lived
By Doni Luckutt
" Somehow it's easier to think, to breathe, to function  in an environment devoid of chaos than one rampant with strife.  "  http://www.denverpost.com/headlines/ci_14928980 

New York
Times.com, April 19, 2010
Objects of Accumulation
by Rick Marin
"Or you could say the stuff doesn’t matter. It’s the lifetime that counts. "  

Salon.com, April 10, 2010
How Hoarding Shows Cured My Hoarding
by Heath Havrelesky
"The tragic spectacle of mountains of junk made me finally throw out a decade's worth of old stuff"
So insightful and well written! / Editor hoarders.org

NPR Radio, April 10, 2010
For Hoarders, The Mess Begins In The Mind
by Patti Neighmond
Pest Control Technology On Line Magazine, April 7, 2010
Johnson Pest Control’s Murphy Volunteers Time and Labor to Unclutter a Home
Branch Manager Jimmie Murphy came to the aid of an elderly woman in
Pigeon Forge, Tenn., who had been living in deplorable conditions.

NPR/VIDEO April 5, 2010 
Patti Neighmond
, The Mess Begins In The Mind
" At the University of California, San Diego Department of Psychiatry, psychologist Catherine Ayers
specializes in anxiety disorders and late-life hoarding. She's researching treatments for older hoarders.
Right now, she's using a form of behavior therapy and cognitive remediation that focuses on building
concrete skills. Ayers says classic cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) - therapy based on the idea that our
thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors - doesn't work well with older adults who hoard. In large part,
that's because CBT relies on abstract thinking, which can be difficult for seniors, especially those with certain
mental deficits. So in therapy,  Ayers focuses on concrete skill building. "We're teaching people  how to plan,
how to prioritize, how to do basic to-do lists, how to use a calendar, how to do problem solving"


Associated Content, April 5, 2010
Hoarding: An Anxiety Disorder
Hoarding: A Pack Rat Lifestyle that Can Get Out of Control
by Gabrielle Rice
"According to Dr. Ayers, CBT does not work well for older hoarders. This therapy relies on abstract thinking that is
difficult for seniors, especially those with mental deficiencies. So, Dr Ayers focuses on concrete skill building for her
patients. She teaches them how to plan, prioritize, create basic to-do lists, how to use a calendar, and basic problem
solving....Dr. Ayers consistently practice organizational skills with her patients. She assists them in asking appropriate
questions about the practical value and use of various items. By constantly discussing how to sort through items, Ayers
says, patients not only learn decision making skills about items they hoard, but also learn how to tolerate the distress
of getting rid of them."

KQED.org, April 4, 2010
For Hoarders, The Mess Begins In The Mind
by Patti Neighmond

Discover Magazine.com, March 30, 2010
What Quirk of the Brain Turns People Into Compulsive Hoarders?
 by Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee
"Hoarders cannot stop themselves from accumulating stuff—even if they live in fetid, rotting homes that ruin their lives."

New York Times, March 26, 2010
Willpower, and Maybe a Camera, to Get Rid of Your Unused  Junk                                                                                                              
By Alina Tugen   "For hoarders, “the clutter interferes with their ability to live — to sit at a kitchen table or to use
the bedroom or have people over, because they’re afraid someone might touch their stuff,” Professor Frost said.
“Hoarders collect to have the experience of life without really experiencing it.” Professor Frost, who has appeared
as a therapist on the TLC program, “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” said that although we might assume that compulsive
was the result of a materialistic society, that was not necessarily true. “We see this disorder across cultures.
” ....While there are different approaches and degrees of difficulty in helping the simple clutterbug versus the
compulsive hoarder
, one thing is true for them both: it is unlikely that a huge one-time cleanup and overhaul is going
to be successful without a follow-up."

The Pittsburgh Channel.com, March 23, 2010
NorthSide Fire Sends Row Houses Up In Smoke,
"Firefighters say clutter made fighting flames more difficult...
.... And they had a very difficult time getting around in the building.
Plus there was a significantly larger fire load than we normally find
in a person's house," said Deputy Fire Chief Frank Large."

Go San Angelo Times.com, San Angelo,Texas, March 18, 2010
Indiana Man Cleans Up After Years of Hoarding
South Bend, Ind.(AP)  Taddeucci, the organizer, said "a lot of his attachment was sentimental. If he threw something away,
he threw a memory away.  "But you're learning now," she told Curlee, "what's important. Because when everything's important,
nothing can be important. It all gets lumped together."The show made "after-care" funds available for continued organizing services
from Taddeucci, as well as counseling, should Curlee decide to take advantage of it. A handful of repairs will also be done around his house.


Fox6.com,WI, March 17, 2010
Pictures: Most extreme hoarding (25 photos)
"Hoarding is a psychological disorder that causes hoarders to acquire and store items that most
people find useless. The clutter often builds up to cause a

New Straits Times, Malaysia, March 14, 2010
OFFBEAT: There's a hoarder in most of us
"MALAYSIAN Psychiatric Association president Dr Yen Teck Hoe says everyone collects something,
whether as a hobby, investment or for sentimental reasons.
But when it becomes excessive, it is no longer normal.

Press Enterprise
, PE.com, March 12,2010
Loose Home
by Leslie Parrilla
"...If you ask the brothers, they would say they did everything they could.
But critics say they brought the situation upon themselves while
others say the men with hoarding behavior were vulnerable in a system
that doesn't guarantee mental health advocates. ..."

Behavioral Health
Central.com,  March 10, 2010
People with disorder fill life with anxiety, stuff ( The Ottawa Herald, Kan) 
" The following tells the story of Faith, a woman with an obsessive compulsive disorder known as hoarding. .."


Telegraph.co.UK, March 8, 2010
The determined hoarder versus the bonfire-lighters
by Liz Wicken
"Nobody had looked at them for nearly 80 years, and I felt very peculiar as I heaved them on to the bonfire." 

, San Diego, CA, March 6, 2010
Conference shines a light on hoarding
By Jennifer Davies
"This is not a decision, it’s a disease,” he told an audience of social workers, professional organizers,
code enforcers and others at the first San Diego Hoarding Conference yesterday in Balboa Park.....
The conference was put on by the San Diego Hoarding Collaborative, which was formed in August as
a way to deal with chronic hoarders and their effects on families, neighbors and the community......
Sanjaya Saxena, director of UCSD’s obsessive-compulsive disorders program, said even if only 3
percent of the population were considered compulsive hoarders, that would mean 8 million
people in the United States suffer from it — making it far more prevalent than schizophrenia, which
affects an estimated 2.2 million U.S. citizens."

ABC News.com, March 3, 2010
Hoarders Fill Rooms With Trash, Clutter, Worse
Crews that help hoarders Clean Up describe condition some trace to mental illness 

The Herald.com, Monterrey County, CA, March1, 2010
by Liza Horvath, Senior Advocate, Trust Officer
Liza Horvath: Hoarder may need help from family


Smith College Sophian, February, 4/2010
Professors exploration of hoarding garners attention.
by Claire Lynch
" "Hoarding has attracted considerable popular attention lately, thanks to a spate of national news articles
and shows such as A&E's Hoarders. While these television shows do help increase the visibility of the problem,
according to Frost they can also act as a double-edged sword.
"They do point out that, yeah, this is a real problem, and it's not just people who are a little bit messy,
and it's not just people who are lazy. It points out the fact that by and large they have no control over
this and it's very hard for them to get through this," Frost said. "The difficulty is that they don't explain much
about the phenomena and they approach it in an unrealistic way. To show up at someone's home with a
1-800 'Got Junk' truck and expect a lasting kind of change to happen over a very short time is unrealistic." "


Behavior Health Central.com, February 1, 2010
A Clinical Look at Hoarding with A&E Television Psychologist Suzanne Chabaud
Clinical psychologist Suzanne Chabaud, Ph.D., works with families featured on the television program
to help them understand hoarding and get on the road to recovery. She talks with BHC today for an insightful look at hoarding.

, Florida January 28, 2010
"Couple rebuffed offer of clean up"
By Don Crinklaw Forum Publishing Group
"The problem goes back 15 [or] 20 years," City Attorney Harry Stewart told commissioners on Jan. 6.
If they give the Dunsfords two months, Stewart said, "we'll be right back here in [another] two months."

The Tennessean.com, January 24, 2010                                                                                                                                                                         

Hoarders get mired in clutter, unhealthy living environments
by Jessica Bliss
..."Hoarders may also find a profuse sense of usefulness in odds and ends,  like saving a gum
wrapper to use as note paper.   "Hoarders have an inflated understanding of the items' importance," 
said Dr. James Walker, director of forensic  services at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.  
"Presumably the underlying problem is they are telling themselves how dreadfully important hanging
onto this is and the disastrous consequences of letting it go.""

New York
Times,The New Old Age, January 23, 2010
When It Isn't Just Clutter Anymore
by Paula Span
"Suggest that you clear away the clutter, as adult children often do, and a hoarder (elder)will come up with
a litany of reasons to refuse: He is going to get around to reading those papers one day. The mess doesn’t
bother him, so why should it bother you? It’s his home, so back off. “Hoarders are very resistant to an offer
to help,” Dr. Wetherell said. “And very resentful if you try to do anything behind their backs.”"

Lowell Sun.com, Mass., January 11, 2010
Hoarders Fight  Battle of Grime
by Jennifer Meyers
"Hoarding was thought to be a component of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),
but a recent study conducted by the New England Hoarding Consortium revealed that
only about 17 percent of hoarders suffer from OCD. However, 58 percent were shown
to suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. Additionally, 20 percent of hoarders, compared
to 4 percent of those with OCD and 3 percent of a sampling from the general population  
suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, leading researchers to link hoarding with decision-making difficulties."
 & See the following for more information, page 3:

Boston globe
, Boston, Mass, boston.com, January 10, 2010
When clutter turns to crisis
"Hoarders’ private problems can become a public nuisance, putting neighbors and firefighters
at risk and dragging down property values. Now several Massachusetts cities and towns have
decided it’s time to get involved."
by Stephanie Schorow

Wallet Pop.com, January 5, 2010
Hoarders, beware: Homeowner's insurance could be pulled
by Lita Epstein
The Daily Entomologist, University of Kentucky, January 4, 2010
Bugs on Hoarders


Canadian Press 2010
Clearing Clutter: setting goals, advance plans help organize spaces, says expert

, Southwestern Illinois, January 2, 2010
Clear clutter save cash
by Sharon Harvey Rosenberg, McClatchy Newspapers

The Herald Dispatch, Huntington West Virginia, December 30, 2009
Diane Mufson: Collecting 'stuff' has become an American pastime
Slate.com, December 18, 2009
The Wrong Stuff
by Troy Patterson
A terrifying show about compulsive hoarders

New York Time.com December 17, 2009 Magazine
by Rob Walker
AOL Television.12/14/2009
Hoarders Psychologist Suzanne Chabaud on Why People Hoard and How To Spot the Disorder
by Sharon Knolle

Winnepeg Free Press.com December 3, 2009
One Man Dead In Elmwood Fire
by Aldo Santin

, La Fourche Parish, Louisiana,
Hoarding Disorder Get Prime Time Treatment. Hoarder found dead in Jacksonville, Fla.
by Tamara Lush, AP Writer

Online Wall Street Journal, November 17, 2009
Fires and Free cycle
by Melinda Beck
What people have to realize is that it is exceptionally difficult to perform any kind of effective search or rescue during
a fire in one of these "Collyers" houses (named for the Collyer brothers, notorious New York hoarders who died in
their cluttered home in 1948). Grandma, grandpa are going to die, likely of smoke inhalation, while we try to find them. —J.B

Fox41.com, Louisville, KY, November 15, 2009
A Hoarders Home Reborn
Katie McCall
includes video


timesunion.com, Albany New York, November 10, 2009
When hoarders hurt their children
by Naomi Seldin
"Compulsive hoarders may be able to hide their behavior from the outside world.
But home can be a place of pain for those around them, especially children."

San Francicisco Chronicle, Pg. E 1,  SFGate, November 2, 2009
Hoarding Conference in San Francisco
by June Bell
khou.com, Houston TX, October 30, 2009
Hoarders in Houston: One mans trash is another man's treasure.
by Jeff McShann
This includes a Video Channel 11 News Clip of the problem.
NewsOk October 25, 2009
Hoarder Problem Growing in Oklahoma
by Michael McNutt
Two Oklahoma County women in recent months have been found dead in their homes,
surrounded by stacks of items and filth. The outside of their homes didn’t seem unusual,
but inside, the mold, trash and stacked items were hard to comprehend, officials said.

On Line News, Wall Street Journal, Health Journal, October 20,2009
Super Savers: Helping the Hoarders
by Melinda Beck
Listen to 7 minute interview with Dr. Randy Frost

Sacramento Bee
, sacbee.com October 18, 2009
Hoarding is coming out of hiding
by Cynthia Hubert

by Dale O'Leary
Recovering hoarder blogs, greed and temptations.Christian look at recovery.

StJoeNews.net, MO,  
September 27, 2009
Is down economy producing pack rats?
"People accumulate stuff for a variety of reasons
... that most people who hoard are also isolated in terms of family, friends and relationships.
They substitute things for people. It provides them with a sense of security to have all this stuff,
just like having another person can provide you with a sense of security,” Dr. Taylor said..  "

September 21, 2009
When too many becomes too much: Q& A with Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas of A & E's 'Hoarders'.
Buffalo News, September 20, 2009
Doctorow works his magic in tale of blue blood who died in squalor
by Ann Neville, Book Reviewer

Mental Health.Net; Mental Health Net Blogs, September 15, 2009
By David Van Nuys, PhD.
An Interview with Gail Steketee,PhD, on Hoarding and OCD(Oabsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Washington Post Review September 5, 2009
The Collyer Brothers: A Collective Obsession
by Michael Dirda
About E.L. Doctorow's new book Homer & Langley
The Daily Telegraph, September 3, 2009
Left to Fester in Filth-The world of Hoarders
by Xanthe Kleinig
"It is such a widespread problem. I think everyone is aware of someone in their neighbourhood
who collects things or has excess goods on their front veranda," "Sydney University study found
one in every 1000 elderly people live in severe domestic squalor."

Isthmus Daily Page, Madison, WI,  August 28, 2009
Madison Inspectors Help Hoarders Clean Up
by Bill Leuders

Billings Gazette, July 30, 2009
Fire in junk-filled house apparently ends code enforcement battle
by Ed Kemmick
Shopacolic died under purchases
"...the bungalow was so crammed with purchases it took five visits to the house before she was found."

Blog: VideoGum.com,   June 16, 2009
"Obsessed: God Bless The Hoarders....was the first truly cry-worthy episode since the premiere"

Daily News Bronx, May 3, 2009
Bronx .. Service Cleans out hoarders' .. homes
by Ben Piven

AOL Health, 2009
Hoarder vs Pack Rat
Overview of how much clutter is too much clutter

guardian.co.uk, March 28, 2009
No Way Out
by Simon Hattenstone
Gordon Stewart died alone, drowning in rubbish piled solid to his ceiling.
How did he end up in such a state?


sfweekly.com March 24, 2009
Gathering Storm
They pile up their stuff to the point of fire danger and rat infestation.
A task force is taking on this nearly insurmountable problem.



Psychology Today
, March 18, 2009
Field Guide to the Pack Rat: Closet Cases
by Elizabeth Svoboda

KansasCity.com February 11, 2009
The hoard festival; Packrats celebrate their collections -- until they get in the way of living
by Eric Adler, The Kansas City Star

New Blog/Comments on Hoarding

Affordable Housing /Metropolitan Boston Housing Project February 13, 2009
Hoarding and Housing Part 1 and Part 2
Accommodation in housing for a hoarder under the civil rights Fair Housing Act and as well as creating
a workable plan to help, the property manager, the landlord, and the tenant. 
Interesting article on a common problem.

McClatchy Newspapers , January 17, 2009
Self Proclaimed Clutterer can't throw anything away  away 

The Salem News On Line, January 17, 2009
Task Force Helps Hoarders
by Susan Flynn
Good article on the effect of a task force on the community

Daily Gleaner.com, Canada  January 2, 2009

Mental health experts look at compulsive hoarding
by Lisa Cornwell for the AP Cincinnati Ohio case
Hoarding is a big concern for fire officials, said Capt. William Long of the Cincinnati Fire Department.
"We've had people die because buildings have been so packed with things that they couldn't get out,
and it puts firefighters and neighbors in danger," Long said.

Daily Mail
on Line, Jan 2009
Shopaholic Spinster Found Dead Under 3 Feet of Unopened Goods
By James Tozer

Boston.com - November 30, 2008
Cambridge reaches out to those who can't stop hoarding.
American Public Media-Weekend America- November 29, 2008
The Tragedy of Stuff,
Cathy Duchamp was married to someone she prefers to call "chronically disorganized." Here's her story.

Local -12.com, Cincinnati Ohio, November 14, 2008
Help For Those Who Hoard
Video of a hoarding related fire in Mt Auburn

Lawrence, Kansas -Lawrence Journal World.com October 13, 2008
When a pack rat goes overboard...
by Sarah Henning
Some cities, including Topeka, Wichita and Kansas City suburbs have task forces
devoted to the problem of hoarding. Lawrence doesn’t have a task force, but Jocelyn Lyons,
management team leader
for the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging, says that her group has
discussed starting a task force for Douglas County.

September 3rd, 2008 by Betty Louise & Leslie Ameel
Back to School: De-Clutter and Get Organized Inside Out


Desert News, Salt Lake City August 19, 2008
Can't buy me love — Define emotions, spiritual life before you declutter
By Susan Whitney

Ozarks FIRST.com, Pleasant Hope, MO. August 13, 2008
Understanding Why People Hoard
Article and Video re 363 Animals, 6 Kids and 12 Trailers


Kansas City Hoarding Conference August 8, 2008

Psychiatric News June 6, 2008
Psychiatr News 2008 43: 35-a-41
Clinical & Research News
When Does Hoarding Cross Line Into Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
by Aaron Levin
Hoarding may be a psychiatric symptom, but is it just one part of obsessive-compulsive disorder or does it stand alone?
See also: http://www.nature.com/mp/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/400212

St Clair County Journal, Collinsville, Illinois - June 9, 2008

Recidivism high among animal hoarders
by Aaron Sudholt 
A Swansea woman arrested last month on an outstanding traffic warrant was hoarding
29 animals in the van she lived in, police say.

Globe Correspondent
/ June 7, 2008
Tenants displaced by fire irked at neighbors
Officials say pair hoarded gasoline to avoid cost hikes
State law limits the amount of gasoline that can be stored in a home, including attached garages, to one quart, ..
Up to a gallon of gasoline can be kept in a shed or unattached garage that is at least 50 feet away from the home, ..
and all gas must be kept in approved containers.
By Jonnelle Marte

National Public Health Week
The Wicked Local Newton Tab and Daily News Tribune April 8, 2008
Public health issues last longer than a week
By Guest Column / I. David Naparstek

The Daily News Tribune, April 8, 2008

Messiness can be harmless, but hoarding can be a sign of severe obsessive-compulsive disorder
For The Patriot Ledger By Gabrielle Gurley

Kristen Gerencher's health blog notes this commentary after an interview with the SFMHA Director.

SFGate -San Francisco Chronicle,  March 18, 2008
Health Workers offer help to S.F.'s packrats.
by Heather Knight
USA Today On Deadline

MSNBC, MSN.com March 11, 2008
New research and city efforts offer hope in sorting out destructive disorder
by Diane Mapes

Hoarding could take fatal turn, firefighters say



Unclutterer.com, January 25, 2008
Stop hoarding magazines
Unfortunately, all of the time, effort, and space my grandmother sacrificed to keep her collection was superfluous
because the last 112 years of National Geographic magazines are now available on 32 CDs. I would prefer that they
appear on DVDs, but 32 CDs still take up less shelf space than thousands of the yellow border magazines.....
This isn’t the only magazine to undertake such an endeavor.....

New York Times January 1, 2008
A Clutter Too Deep for Mere Bins and Shelves
by Tara Parker


Winnepeg December, 2007

http.unclutterer.com, October 7, 2007
Growing up in a hoarding household


Am J Psychiatry 164:1435, September 2007
Letter to the Editor:  Compulsive Hoarding and OCD: Two Distinct Disorders?

Marie Clair Magazine, Pg 2-5, August 2007
"I grew up in this Mess"


Rural Mother:  1936, August 03, 2007

The Great Depression and hoarding -
Photo plus comments


British TV Show, May 2007
World of Compulsive Hoarders
Program Highlights


New York Post.com, May, 2007
Hoard House Tragedy -
Elderly Couple Dead in Fire On Long Island
by John Doyle

GateHouse News Service,Reading, MA, May 31, 2007
By Dan O'Leary, The Senior Advocate
My good friend’s house is extremely cluttered. I’m not sure if she would be classified as a hoarder,
but she definitely has a problem. Do you have any suggestions on how I might help her.


Comments and information
Saving the world
By Fred Penzel,PhD

Read more: 

U.S. News & World Report, May 4, 2007.
Compulsive Hoarding -Not all obsessive compulsive disorders are the same
By Helen Fields 8/31/04  
Discusses Saxena research

ABC News, May 4, 2007
Medical Mystery :Compulsive Hoarders
By CecileBouchardeau 

The Herald - Glasgow, Scotland,UK, May 3, 2007
Get this straight: it’s painful viewing
By David Belcher
A review of a British TV show on Compulsive Hoarding
"It's usually a terribly private condition, hoarding. Self-isolating loneliness;
the valuing of property over people. A suit of armour; ..."

Globe Staff  Boston.com / News  Boston Globe, April 2, 2007

"Buried alive"

By Carey Goldberg,
Be sure to click on  - How cluttered is your living space and Give a number to your space.
Reference to Buried in Treasures by Tolin, Frost and Steketee

The Press-Enterprise, March 16, 2007
Norco wins out in tug of war with 'hoarders'
Work crews pulled several tons of junk Thursday from a 5½-acre Norco lot that's home
to two brothers who have amassed a collection of scrap metal, computer parts, old car batteries,
electrical wires and rotting food over the past 20 years.


Am J Psychiatry 164:380-384, March 2007
Is Compulsive Hoarding a Genetically and Neurobiologically Discrete Syndrome?
Implications for Diagnostic Classification
Editorial: By
Sanjaya Saxena, M.D. 

From Reader's Digest,  March 2007

The Hoarding Syndrome -- When Clutter Goes Out Of Control.
By Deborah Branscum
Saving stuff is normal. Sometimes, though, it can go too far.

The Mid Week News/Northern Illinois, January 13, 2007
Services look for warning signs of self neglect
By Diane Strand

AARP Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007

Conquering Clutter
By David Dudley

Comprehensive article on cleaning out as the older generation is faced with moving to smaller quarters.
References Jeanne Smith Professional organizer in the Greater SF Bay Area and R.Frosts
description of problematic cluttering.

ABC News, Jan 18, 2007

Squalor Syndrome: Living Happily Among, Cat, Fleas and Filth
By Susan Donaldson James
Hoarding occurs in about 1 to 2 percent of the population, according to Randy Frost, a psychology
professor at
Smith College who wrote "Buried Treasures," a self-help book for hoarders.
About 10 percent of hoarders display the rarer Diogenes syndrome.

ABC News, January 16, 2007
Medical Mystery : Compulsive Hoarding
By Cecile Bouchardeau
A Psychological Compulsion to Save Everything, Even When It Ruins Your Life
See Prime Time: Medical Mysteries


Deseret Morning News, December 18, 2006
Hoarders just can't let go. Fear of loss may drive those with disorder to shop and stash
By Elaine Jarvik 

Post, December 15, 2006
Hoarding could mean OCD  
By Marguerite Kelly
"Our son, almost 9, sometimes falls to pieces when we throw away..."

The Argus, Sussex,UK, November 27, 2006
Hoarder Ruth Addicott frees herself of her junk, 
By Ruth Addicott

Fredericksburg, Virginia,
The Free Lance-Star, November 5, 2006
Hoarding has its problems 

Clean the junk out of your house now, or realize others will be grumbling at you.

Orange County Register,
October 25, 2006
Grabbing hoarding by the horns 
Frank Mickadeit,editor and daily columnist
More  on Task Forces on Hoarding 

October 24, 2006

SRI medication effective in treating compulsive hoarding patients

In a paper published on-line in advance of publication in the Journal of Psychiatric Research,
Sanjaya Saxena, M.D., Director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD) Program
at the
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, reports the surprising
finding that the serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI) medication, paroxetine, is effective in
treating patients with compulsive hoarding syndrome.


Social Work Today, Vol. 6 No.3 P.27 May/June, 2006
Inside the World of the Compulsive Hoarder
by by Mathew Robb, MSW, LCSW-C
It's not just a matter of excessive collecting—compulsive hoarding can be a life-threatening behavior.

See Web MD article May 27, 2006
Has clutter created chaos in your life? Are you unwilling to throw anything away?
What you call collecting may actually be hoarding.

salon.com, May 24,2006
By Cary Tennis
My wife is a compulsive hoarder.


MSNBC Story, February 2006
"Today" contributor Dr. Gail Saltz tells a wife that her husband may not be a slob,
but suffering from a mental illness.
Can I stop my husband from hoarding junk? - Today: Relationships ...

ABC News, February 11, 2006
"Compulsive Hoarders Can't Throw Things Away"

Dr. Phil Show, 2/2006
"Throw It Out"

Washington Post, December 8, 2005; Page VA20
"Stockpiling Run Rampant"
By Timothy Dwyer

Discover Magazine, on line, October, 2004
The Psychology of . . . Hoarding
by Mary Duenwald
What lies beneath the pathological desire to stockpile tons of stuff?

Summit on Hoarding in Orange County September 29, 2004

NPR Morning addition, June 7, 2004 
Study sheds light on Compulsive Hoarding
By Michelle Trudeau
Brain scan  differ with saving disorder says Sanjaya Saxena/UCLA Highlighted areas represent parts
of the brain that had significantly lower activity in compulsive hoarders than in healthy control subjects.
The regions shown are the right posterior cingulate gyrus (arrow) and the occipital cortex.

USA Today, February 18, 2004
The Danger of Hoarding
By Joyce Cohen

NPR Radio Story  Morning Edition, January 2, 2004
Compulsive Hoarders Task Force Seek To Help Compulsive Hoarders
y Margo Adler
Discusses the New York City task force formed to deal with Hoarding Issues in the community.
Click below to listen.



Clutter Busters - Deconstructing our acquisitive human nature
By Bill Strubbe  Organizer and Writer 


New York Times, 12/31/2003
So Much Clutter So Little Room: Examining the Roots of Hoarding
By Nina Bernstein

New York Times, October 26, 2003
Collyer Brothers story
The Paper Chase
By Franz Lidz
Reference and posted comment in reply by sarcasm October 2003

Seattle Post - Intellegencer article, October 30,2002
By Heather Foster

Task force tries to save those who save too much
Hoarding, a growing problem, is a nuisance to neighbors and can create dangers in the home