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San Francisco Bay Area Internet Guide for Extreme Hoarding Behavior
Clutterers Syndrome or Pack Rat Syndrome

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Reaching Out

How to Help the Hoarder in Your Life:

How to Get Hoarders Into Treatment
by Dr Fugen Neziroglu, PHD & Katherine Donnelly M.A.



The way to help a family member
Video by Randy Frost,PhD:

How to Talk to Someone with Hoarding: Do’s and Don’ts
The Do's and Don'ts page

Television Productions

A&E  Hoarders Episodes
TV Series on Hoarding on TLC Network
"Hoarding: Buried Alive"  Explores World of Extreme Hoarding

Discovery Studios  
Casting for Hoarding:Buried Alive Television Series 
Discovery Studios, airs on TLC.
If you or someone you know is struggling with compulsive hoarding and is
interested in being on the show,, please go to the TLC website or e-mail

Production Assistant  Talia_Katz-CW@Discovery.com or 240-662-4549.


Current Research Studies

Participants for Research Study at UCSD
are needed in San Diego


Dr. Sanjaya Saxena of the UCSD Department of Psychiatry is conducting a research study that
is being sponsored by the NIMH to find out more about how the brain functions in individuals
with various psychiatric disorders including Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Compulsive Hoarding.


The purpose of this study is to identify abnormalities in brain structure and brain activity associated
with these psychiatric disorders, and determine how these abnormalities change with treatment.

Individuals asked to participate in this study will undergo brain imaging, techniques called
positron emission tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
Participants will also receive neuropsychological assessment and some
will receive 12 weeks of free medication.


To participate you must meet the active criteria for this study.

For more information please call (858) 334-4638 at UCSD Dept of Psychiatry


Case Western Reserve University Study Online

with the goal to learn more about the relationships of those with OCD/hoarding so treatment
can be improved. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University are conducting two
online studies about the relationships of individuals with OCD or hoarding.  Each study
involves completing questionnaires online about relationships, emotions and OCD.
You must be at least 18 to participate. Those who participate may enter into a
raffle for a Target gift card. The information gathered from this study may
help to improve therapies for OCD.
Contact: Amy Przeworski, Ph.D. For more information:



Columbia University Psychiatry Hoarding Disorder

Research Program Research Studies


Online Hoarding/Clutter Study
by Graduate Students University of Missouri.
Seeks participants for Fall 2012
More Online Study Info.

Listings for Ongoing Hoarding  and OCD Research

Neural Correlates of Compulsive Hoarding
Researchers at The University of California, San Francisco are conducting a study to learn more
about people with severe hoarding behaviors and their family members.  If you would like
to learn more about this study, please contact Shiva Fekri at 415.476.7732

Task Forces

Hoarding Task Forces
By Christiana Bratiotis

“How task forces are formed, organized, and maintained varies greatly.”


2010 International Exchange on Hoarding
Sponsored by the Mental Health Association - Orange County



offers on-site or telephone fee-for-service consulting to other non-profits and local governments on how
to set up hoarding programs and bring stakeholders together to reduce eviction and homelessness
due to compulsive hoarding. For more information about MHASF consulting services
call Mark Salazar at 415-421-2926 ext. 317. -
See more at:


UBM Medica, Psychiatric Times, August 19, 2011
By Suzanne Otte and Gail Steketee

Psychiatric Issues in Hoarding - Strategies for Diagnosing and Treating Symptoms of Hoarding

"Hoarding has broad-reaching implications, including a substantial public health burden linked to occupational impairment, poor physical health, and demand for social services.5 For example, it is not uncommon for community public health departments to become overburdened with property complaints regarding unsanitary conditions and fire hazard risks, and the cost to address a problem (eg, repetitive clean-outs, repeated visits by health inspectors, multiple-agency involvement) is high.6 These costs have led to the establishment of community-wide task forces in a number of cities.7 However, efforts to reconcile the problem are often diminished by the relative unavailability or ineffectiveness of mental health services.8  


The San Francisco Task Force on Compulsive
Issues Final Report
"Beyond Overwhelmed: The Impact of Compulsive Hoarding and
Cluttering in San Francisco
Recommendations to
Reduce Negative Impacts and Improve Care."

Co-chaired by the San Francisco Department of Aging & Adult Services & the Mental Health Association
of San Francisco,  the Task Force estimates that 15-25,000 people in San Francisco suffer from
compulsive hoarding, resulting in costs of over $6 million  per year, not counting the injuries,
evictions, job loss, homelessness, and other costs borne by people with hoarding behaviors.

Hoarding Alliance of Marin Resource Guide

Gail Mosconi  415-491-2586


Established in 2006 as a multidisciplinary team led by Adult Protective Services      
Quarterly Community Meetings.

San Mateo County Resource Guide for Hoarding and Cluttering

Contact : Chris Rodriguez 1-800 686-0101

Specialist in Bay Area

San Francisco /Oakland Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy
~ Michael Tompkins, Ph.D. ~
Much experience in helping people with hoardering issues.
(They may not accept insurance)
Oakland- Rockridge area

Main number: (510) 652-4455

Well Known Therapist with Hoarding Specialty
Opens Private Practice in San Francisco
~ Joanne Chan, PsyD. ~
 is a cognitive-behavioral therapist specializing in
compulsive hoarding and anxiety disorders.
She works with individuals with:
OCD, panic disorder, social phobia, and a variety of other conditions.
1100 Sanchez St., San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 816-8611
www.drjoannechan.com   -   jcchan@gmail.com