TIPS 2008
for people who hoard -  from people who hoard
SFMHA Support Group Representatives*

Hoarding is not a good solution to loneliness, grief,  trauma, or family patterns.

Join a support group, it is very helpful.
12 Step program or professional support programs may be helpful.
Seek Legal resources if needed.
Expect relapse but return to the support group.
A Support Group feels safe without guilt.

Don’t acquire (avoid shopping, thrift shopping , garage sales).
Don’t acquire stuff from friends.

Wear shoes when sorting.
Declutter 15 minutes a day every day. It soon adds up.
Do a little at a time.
Use a stool to sit on.
Find a buddy to help you sort, just not an overbearing neat freak.
Let go of what you love the least.
Get rid of outer clutter to get to the inner joy of your life.
Don’t stop to read how to de clutter.
Get rid of expensive stuff you do not use.
Love it, use it, or toss it.
Give things to agencies for recycle.

Share laughter.
Recognize small steps.
Realize you are not alone.
Perfectionism is boring.
Don’t get discouraged.
You can move forward.
Progress not perfection.

Set goals, large or small.
Work on one area at a time.
Make a safe area first, then enlarge it.
Invite positive feedback.
Work toward inviting family or friends in.


To keep up good feelings and a sense control in your life :
                                                                1. Do your dishes every day.
                                                                2. Keep up with and do your laundry.
                                                                3. Take out the garbage regularly.
                                                                4.  Clean out your refrigerator.
                                                                5.  Make your bed every day.

* Some notes taken by Linda Merrifield at the SFMHA Hoarding Conference October 2007.  Many thanks to those who shared making their thoughts a generous gift of wise tips that worked for them. 


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